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Construction of company person with ability is due lasting effect mechanism
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Recently, the author works to person with ability of 10 of Wuhan state-owned companies undertook survey, discovered a few problems. Basically have: Talent job does not have the system with complete system, of a few carried out talent job compendium, regulation, byelaw carry out fulfil lag; Branch of canal of proprietor of an enterprise lacks sex of specific aim, form a complete set system of strong industry person with ability; The mechanism that state-owned company draws talent, use talent, training qualified personnel, tarry talented person is not quite perfect.

Enterprise in the absense of core business talented person, core competition ability is weakened ceaselessly, continuously business ability is low. 10 Wuhan are state-owned in the enterprise, the stuff that has 9 companies thinks income is inferior. The senior talented person with old education of business take a lot of trouble is many prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

Research its matter, basically be to did not form duty of complete state-owned company person with ability to spend, include a talented person flow, use, rising, assessment, compensation, welfare, safeguard do not deserve to cover; Lack talent work program and plan; Run system system without perfect talent. What the company works because of lacking a person with ability is long-term the strategic government that plan and does not undertake the talent works; Government of company person with ability still stays in planned economy times; The integrated quality of the comrade that the enterprise is engaged in human affairs working cannot satisfy the requirement that contemporary talent runs. The reform with enterprise regular interior makes production is managed stabilize hard; The company changes make make billabong of personnel come off sentry duty, popular feeling flabby; Labor contract is signed non-standard, bring about a talent to leave one's post much.

The enterprise is inherent " the letter often is not believed new " view of choose and employ persons, make a lot of outstanding talents that enter state-owned business newly obtain accredit and put sb in a very important position for a long time hard; Fogyism of company system become rigid, product, sale lack of power, technology not strong, administrative lag, make ability is opposite outstanding person to the enterprise loses confidence gradually and be produced go meaning. The enterprise is taught to employee continuity with groom ignored, employee knowledge devalues and cannot get charge in time; The employee education that the enterprise did not establish systematic standard grooms system.

Be aimed at these circumstances, the proprietor of an enterprise is in charge of a branch to should execute strategic management of the talent, advance talent library to build; Should serve as talent job " project of a party to an undertaking " : Want to accelerate the set system that makes talent work. In the meantime, the enterprise should value the education of talents of pair of mothball echelon formation particularly, build with record of formal schooling education, post grooms, entrust the education, combination education classificationing that give priority to to classify a talent to continue to teach groom system, make employee can promote his knowledge and capability ceaselessly.
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