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The talent that the HR that uncover secret is good at remedies art
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From each number of marrier of the closest application looks in big company, it is taller than in former years that data shows 40% , this is indirect also and adumbrative be faced with " golden pig darling " the trend of the baby boom. Face manpower resource in short supply, can be HR used commonly what kind of remedy a method? 1, year program, against a rainy day. HR controller people the program that should have monthly and year and check this concept, in the beginning of the year moment should make the program of post of natural resources of good person power, estimation may need how many new employee, likelihood in this year prediction of a person's luck in a given year how many employee, how many person may rest New year holidays or maternity leave is waited a moment. Had idea of abecedarian manpower resource, after also be helpful for doing, resource of a year is configured. 2, reasonable balance, human management. The business should have mastered this entry process when doing invite applications for a job. The demand of long-term consideration post, from go up at all the scale that balances employee of male and female, appear in order to prevent casual relies on to solve a problem only when much pregnant woman. What should make clear is, the company just can manage purposely to set the ground to maintain employee to rest beforehand anything but behavior of meaning of hereat of marriage holiday, maternity leave and hold enmity to its. Want to have such consciousness: Employee regards a society as the person, also be free person likewise. They have authority to have their life besides the job, "Human nature turns management " not be oral say, the moment of truth should be shown come. 3, communicate effectively, in-house and contented. Enterprise interior must be planted with respect to this temporarily the talent is short of inconsistent with the facts to be communicated effectively all right. A lot of enterprises are aimed at employee to the metropolis such as communication of education, public school, study going abroad executes round of hillock or move hillock system. Similar method also can be used to likewise make up for those who be pregnant the personage jumps and be caused " post is short of break " phenomenon. Or, still can execute working broaden the scope, the working content that makes other works in the same place covers post to lack the content of that part job that break. For instance, in a financial room, can the employee that always is in charge of cooking general ledger share the work that does contact Zhang together? Technical requirement is similar, have sex unapt also very difficult. Of course, corresponding bonus also wants to catch up with. 4, use outside force, human affairs " outside bag " . If relieve guard,round of hillock, workload expands wait for method to cannot be assumed really be short of the workload that loses post, so might as well recruit the short-term labour, worker worker that recruit, will work even " outside bag " go out.

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