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"Laborer barren " what did boss confused map give
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Report in news media " laborer barren " previously, hear concerned branch to had made this kind of early-warning rarely, do not have the person that hear all along active economist and sociology to had raised this kind of question more. Contrary, reporters remain assume sth as a matter of course from the similar argument that hears over there economist: Chinese labor is cheap, cost is low, can in a steady stream offers at least 20 years ceaselessly, etc.

"Laborer barren " the boss is confused

As an entrepreneur that comes from garment industry, zhou Yaoting of chairman of bureau of director of group of ormosia of delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, Jiangsu makes to global textile quota cancel to feel from the bottom of one's heart is glad. Nevertheless, on March 8, express when Beijing attends him of two meetings to accept a reporter to interview, those who make him vexed is, although the business of the group is very good, enlarge production very hard however, because be not enrolled,be versed in to adroitness.

The town enterprise of Jiangsu once was in the whole nation " 3 minutes of the world have firstly " , consequently also " store " most specialized worker. Nevertheless, a lot of enterprises still were come up against with the awkwardness with same ormosia -- , action be less than labour. The Zhejiang of in the vicinity of and farther Guangdong, this kind of circumstance is mixed more generally serious. Introduce according to labor and social security ministry, the enterprise is short of labour to basically happen in bead the treatment manufacturing industry such as southeast of southeast of trigonometry, Fujian, short for Zhejiang Province collects an area.

In Wen Zhou, data shows, the member that lay a worker nearly 3 years with annual the scale of 20 % is decreasing successively.

Be in Guangdong, the problem is more serious. Introduce according to labor and social security ministry, bead the main concentration land that trigonometry area has 1900 much laborers for Guangdong province, also be to be short of the area with most serious work, have the gap of nearly 2 million person, the rate that lack skill is 10 % about. Among them, shenzhen has a laborer 4.2 million, breach is made an appointment with 400 thousand, dongguan 1. 50 thousand companies that use outside labour force lack skill nearly 270 thousand person.

On Feburary 24, guangdong province holds society and labor safeguard meeting. Presiding Guangdong saves what the vice-governor expresses Guangdong to hire a condition austere. A fact that he discloses is, went from the railway station before the section 6 million, but arrive from the beginning of the year the beginning of the year 10, come back have 2.5 million only, 3.5 million have not come back... nevertheless, on March 7, the Guangdong that attends two meetings in Beijing saves governor Huang Huahua to express to media, bead trigonometry part enterprise lacks skill really, basically be structural sex, be short of skilled worker, but because this expands,cannot arrive " barren " will describe. He introduces, through discovering to the sampling investigation of 260 enterprises, skilled worker breach is 18 % .
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