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Drive says newly: Give employee mount engine
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Have a lot of articles, book, speech and seminar once sad sound photograph asks: How can we just let employee try hard to work by our requirement? Face more and more intense trade competition, how to promote an enterprise the executive force of each levels, how better incentive extensive large staff became competition to beg put what grow with outstanding achievement " hand of victory or defeat " . A lot of enterprises are in face same quandary: No matter you use which kinds of incentive method, taking result is goodish, employee people expression appears " riches and honour cannot excessive, martial cannot bend " . drive became an enterprise to develop really " bottleneck " , the chronic and stubborn disease that manpower resource manages?

   Multifarious incentive method

Reduce man-hour: A kind when this represented incentive people to work " excellent " method -- make them little do the work with drive they work better. In the administrative practice in the past, man-hour is in gradually shorten, be in now forward in certain person ideal " 6 days are made on the weekend partly " , work a long time to stride only every week namely. The metabolic form with this kind of interesting method is development work recreational project, the person that can employ together it seems that also can work together. But the fact is, people is hoped the job is longer after drive, is by no means shorter. Otherwise, what longer off time can cause people only is lazy.

Raises: Does wages rise can incentive person? It a can incentive people expecting the next time raises. Actually, just had gone up salary, people really can glad so a few days, but from inside industry practice, we see not hard, wages can rise a kind only " health care " action is not prompt action, although salary is again high, also cannot expect employee can think it every day and him drive, also be a kind of pressure nevertheless at most is by no means motivation.

Gao Fuli: The it may be said of business material benefits of nowadays popularity is full of beautiful things in eyes, from all sorts of insurance, groom stock period counterpoises, arrive from bank note car, house, some companies also bring into the family member of employee even in welfare plan. Current, business circles welfare fund already achieved the 1/4 that exceeds salary specified amount even, but we still are making a noise to want drive. All these welfare, be regarded to be by more employee in running a course actually one kind should the right of part of one's job, and not be pay absolutely. Can you expect what drive effect does it have?

All sorts of grooming: Behavior science is with the person this concept general " brainwashing project " large-scale application, of a few similar metaphysics groom for a short while became incentive employee " help straw " . Among them, famouser is " human relation trains " and " sensitivity trains " . Then, we see boss says to subordinate before: "Write a program please " , but similar now requirement, boss must say 3 " please " , employee ability feels the manner mentally of boss can be accepted. Use groom the opportunistic final discovery of skill, these grooming can leave prompt action further and further only.
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