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Capture key implementation to span development
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In recent years, city of our business the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces insists to be guidance with scientific progress view, closely around development this one theme, plan as a whole the construction of talent development, economy, construction of the party and harmonious society construction, promoted economic society to be coordinated in the round can develop continuously.
Develop the first resource to offer a talent to assure
The talent promotes a flourishing of 100 course of study. In recent years, the our city increases a talent to develop strength, regard a breakthrough as the dot with this, the strength that cites whole town tries assault fortified positions, promote the development of economic society with the promotion of talent quality.
We were carried out " 10, 100, 1000 talents project " . It is annual inside whole town limits choose 200 outstanding talents, undertake the key is fostered. Invite a few home famous experts, professor to come early or late Shang Luoju does special subject lecture; Anthology send hundreds person to various Party school, cadre to groom base grooms; Division of aricultural of big, northwest is handed in to do class of attend in a advanced studies in a large-scale in Xi'an 200 many, in promotion talent integrated quality respect produced main effect.
Hold to the first important or urgent business to stress development
The essence that develops scientificly and premise are development. Development is good sense. Did not develop, all problems have no way is mentioned.
Development should have the development thinking with pragmatic suit. Our city from set out actually, establish " zoology establishs city, industry to start city, industry strong city, carry out open drive, the breakthrough develops " development train of thought. Clear development thinking promoted economic society to develop quickly. "15 " during, whole town total output value year all grow 9.6 % . Such growth rate, in us this is located in on history of old quarter of Qinba's a mountainous area impoverished area, revolution, it is the period with the fastest, best development.
Development must look for accurate breach. City of our business the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces has rich mineral products, biology and zoology resource. Our base oneself upon develops local advantage resource, accelerate blend in provincial capital Xi'an one hour economic circle. Achieve a breakthrough on characteristic estate development, exert oneself cultivates industry of 5 big characteristic, accelerate advance industrialized process.
Hold to the first project to catch a party to build
16 of the party 4 in plenary meeting " about strengthening a party be in office the decision that ability builds " put forward clearly: "Raise a party be in office ability, want to raise a party to lead the ability of development above all. " in recent years, city of business the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces holds to " catch a party to build around economy, catch good party to build hurried to develop " , strengthen the construction of the party in the round. Municipal Party committee was made " about promoting group spirit energetically, the decision that builds unitive harmony leading group " , promote energetically " go all out in work unitive cooperation, tenaciously, development innovation, contend for Guan Duokui " 4 kinds of spirit. Began extensively in organization of whole town various party " party flag is red in business hill " the party establishs thematic activity; On system construction, build perfected rules of procedure of standing committee of Party Committee of all levels and democratic and scientific decision-making system to wait. Through strengthening the construction of the party, condensed each field force, promoted economy to break through development.
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