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From drive force: Let him employee run
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To achievement, influence and the need that mix in person, drive employee works active and actively, in order to strive for the greatest success.

Where is the power that the company expands?

On the big iceberg of system of whole staff function, "Knowledge, skill " it is the part on water only, and the employee attitude that concealed measures not easily at underwater, individual character, inside the affection intelligence part such as drive force, be mining however " this " . Also be the powerful driving force that the company grows.

Drive comes from inside inside need

The account that the person's behavior produces can divide the drive outside be force and inside drive force two kinds. Drive force points to the successful spirit that establishs a kind of ego that goes up from confidence foundation in employee to reach inside.

Wait for psychological need at the self-respect of employee and self-fulfilment from drive force base oneself upon, make employee is longed for perfect oneself ceaselessly, the potential of oneself play comes out. In this process, employee enthusiasm throws the task actively in finishing, even not plan pay ground seeks creativity solution.

Professor of haing Buddha college wears Wei Maikelilan to think individual the motive with there is 3 to plant main in working circumstances or need:

Achievement need: Strive for a success, the need that the hope makes best. This kind of demand makes employee longs strongly to do the business more faultlessly, score greater success. They go after the individual achievement after the success to feel.

Influence need: Influence or control other and do not suffer other pilot to need. This kind of demand makes employee is in emulative in the success with remarkable pursuit. Make oneself position and oneself ability proportional.

Kiss and need: Seek a kind of desire that be loved by other and admits. Kiss the person with motive high more apt and other have society, it is to be other consider at least, maintain staff faithful to the enterprise, height to the job.

The motivation of drive personality

A lot of enterprises put in passivity in employee of subconscious lieutenant general locally, the purpose uses a kind of explicit driving force, if enforce, supervise and urge or corporeal award will dig its ability and wisdom. And the authoritative research of Brandeis university shows as a result, award can reduce expressional level, employee ego drive can show power of 3 kinds of character however:

Conspicuous consciousness. It makes a person self-confident, pursuit is outstanding. Make the person produces latent capacity and energy adequately, in be in continual development process.

Critically consciousness. It makes the person often is challenged to reality, at the same time the welcome comes from the challenge of reality and other, discover actively and improve the problem in the job, the welcome challenges the job with strong sex or task.
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