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Love establishs a letter: Part of HR of business perspective fixed position
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HR the career ideal that becomes company strategy associate to serve as his, realize such ideal to need tries hard additionally and be opposite however of business cogitative. The Niu Yanna that establishs a letter to had walked along career of profession of HR of 10 one's remaining years in love (love establishs a letter (China) manpower resource and company culture vice-president) maintain, should locate with business perspective the crucial role of manpower resource, elaborate the new trend that manpower resource manages.

3 fundamentals that love management of resource of manpower establishing a letter are: Harmonious and consistent, no matter which HR policy comes on stage, must keep consistent with company catalogue mark; Drive continuously, HR must the execution that can promote policy further, permeate every link; Effective leader, HR is the example of all employee, affect administrative layer ceaselessly then. Be based on this, love resource of manpower establishing a letter to decide a part of 3 beautiful key definitely: The offer person of business associate, comprehensive plan, value that can quantify is reflected.

Business is companionate -- the sale of manpower resource

The service is simple not only perhaps serve the product sell a client, hope to be client appreciation however. When HR serves a client, also draw lessons from business viewpoint to establish corresponding working flow and group, love ministry of resource of manpower establishing a letter to be divided basically into the HR of HR of section of business of 3 parts Z, function HR, daily moving level, each have special skill or knowledge. Business HR is OK actively dogs the development direction of the enterprise, understand client requirement, let function HR develop suitable product from function and professional respect, and moving layer HR is carried out further carry out.

How is HR business appreciation? In circle of coordinate of make a comprehensive view of service of manpower resource appreciation OK and clear reflect, draw lessons from product government idea, have HR product classified. The abscissa shows HR does supportive effectiveness to company use, ordinate is the help that grows to business, right upper part is all-around manpower resource solution, if the organization is optimized, improve business efficiency, very helpful to business growth, belong to " star " business. Wrong upper part is the HR contribution to the brand, if invite applications for a job establishs company image, publicize employer brand, and undertake grooming to employee, lead power development to wait to be belonged to " research and development " devoted phase, active to company business support is not at present clear; And in wrong lower part, manpower resources administration supports the work, wait to do not have direct contribution to business growth like provide for the aged, archives, outside can be being adopted, be wrapped or reduce cost carry to do, belong to " poor dog " business; Right lower part is the manpower resource institution that place materiality becomes technological process / program, be like performance management, the target rewards a mechanism to wait, provide active support for business, but not apparent to business growth, belong to " Taurus " business.
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