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How to let employee increase the centripetal force to the enterprise and cohesiv
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A good employee is organized to for, it is very important undoubtedly. In times of current knowledge economy, the wisdom that a good stuff place has and ability are a kind of resource of the organization, and already was regarded as by people a kind of strategical resource, make a decision an enterprise is promoted decline the decisive factor of success or failure. The management of an organization basically has 4 boy or girl friends, namely: Person, content, money, information, hind 3 person need to manage and be operated by the person again. The person is the main body of behavior, the administrative job that can say a person is the core of business management. What manpower resource manages is strategical action is very outstanding, when the organization loses a good employee, when losing a senior talented person or core talented person especially, n/COL the head of a family person of the organization can feel deeply regret. The prediction of a person's luck in a given year of employee can affect constituent stability, take away constituent client and technical secret possibly still, cause the loss that estimates hard to the organization, make core competition ability of the organization is formed hard because of the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of technical secret and client even, make the organization is in passive position in market competition. So, what is the account that doesn't the talent take? How should the organization do ability tarry talented person? These problems are worth us to think. One, the cent of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of the meaning employee of personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year is dominance prediction of a person's luck in a given year and recessive prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Produce the dissatisfaction in the heart when an employee and resign the job, this kind in fact lose, it is dominance prediction of a person's luck in a given year namely; Produce the dissatisfaction in the heart when employee, but he leaves without the choice, adopt the means that be slack in work to continue to stay on original work station however, the action that lost an employee to should arise originally on this post, this is recessive prediction of a person's luck in a given year namely. The adverse effect of this kind of recessive prediction of a person's luck in a given year often organizes those who cannot see, consequently its ruinous bigger than dominance prediction of a person's luck in a given year. 2, the normal flow of the current situation employee of personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year, to an organization, can optimize the structure that organizes in-house personnel, and to a society, the reasonable configuration that the flow of employee can realize manpower resource and make full use of, this is the rationality that manpower resources flows and necessity, however, have a lot of companies at present, no matter be of state-operated,still be civilian battalion, because of such or in that way reason, existing the phenomenon of high prediction of a person's luck in a given year with employee normal blame, restricted the development of the enterprise badly. The employee that find new job did not greet sb to anybody mostly, very optional leave, the government that gives a company brings difficulty, just think, the enterprise falls in the case that did not prepare, if where brash in find an appropriate personnel to replace them? Have high-level public figure so one face laughs helplessly say: Our enterprise already became a ** now groom the school ah, we keep invite applications for a job, and keep going person, poor person, lack a person... . At present the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of employee has the following characteristic: (one) personnel flow is large, rate of prediction of a person's luck in a given year is high. (2) the flow of knowledge talent is relatively frequent, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that also is knowledge talent brings bigger loss to the enterprise. (3) the optional sex of personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year is bigger, they are free below the circumstance that does not have any ties land leaves mostly. 3, the case study of personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year brings about rate of personnel high prediction of a person's luck in a given year to have a lot of reasons, for example the satisfaction of not strong, worker spends the cohesive affinity of the enterprise not tall, worker spends the not tall, pressure in coming from the job to enterprise distrust, self-identity environment of too big, work is bad to wait to bring about employee possibly leave one's post. In industry practice, we are OK a the following of general influencing factor reduce: (one) the implementation that certain personnel takes the element of employee individual seriously to be worth from social status quite, value oneself knowledge get with rise, they go after and rather than of ability of lifelong obtain employment lifelong obtain employment jobs. To update knowledge, they long to gain education and groomed opportunity, because this company that they hope more is more outstanding goes gaining new knowledge and experience, realize the rise in value of individual ability. This feature makes itself of this kind of employee has desire of taller going from place to place. The work that they miss the trial is new in order to develop the specialty of other respect, its individual value realizes in flow. (2) the element of the enterprise has a lot of companies, because manage policy of culture of concept, company, policy to wait for the influence of element of a lot of respect, those who cause goal of company profit and employee benefit, company and employee cause is not harmonious, lopsided, produced a lot of contradiction, if these contradict to did not get in time settlement, make employee produces the opinion that leave one's post possibly. The element related these and enterprise basically has: 1, firewood fulfil cannot reflect the contribution of employee or inequitable firewood proposes a toast. Firewood fulfil is the reward that employee pays labor to obtain, it can reflect the magnitude of value that gives employee on certain level, accordingly, employee takes seriously generally to firewood fulfil. The firewood reward that feels when employee company place pays is opposite the level is inferior, or interiorly produced inequity, employee can give birth to dissatisfaction to enterprise heart. 2, the long-term goal that sees not clear company and strategic intent. Below the circumstance that does not have a target, employee just shares the work passively, time grows, the working enthusiasm of employee can sell at a discount greatly, lose working interest. Some employee often sign up for no less than complain: "Since the first day when take a company, we just accept the job, from morning till night is immersed oneself in work, do Debumingbubai, unintelligible we work is for what, although somebody is directed, but I am did not want to continue again really " . 3, the working environment of employee is not quite perfect. Yard ground is dark and noisy, workload is bigger, lack necessary office tool, between employee and employee, for lack of good communication human relation is exasperate between employee and boss, the character dignity of employee cannot get due care and esteem... . It is under such environment, the mood of employee can feel depressive, below the circumstance that cannot get dredge, with respect to meeting complaint bellyful, to what decorate the job can be full of resentment. 4, stuff is right " rebarbative boss " the dissatisfaction with strong generation, also be a when its resign main reason. Of a lot of people because,leaving one's post is not of pay defective, because have the boss that an All matters should be in charge of after all,they are, this lets their talent cannot get put to good use, feel thereby " do such job to feel without achievement " . They by have one's hands tied bundle foot, feel the skill of oneself is wasted, feel oneself were not taken seriously, feel to subdue consequently, although temporarily stoop to compromise, but they can decide finally to find new job. 5, the opportunity that devoid education grooms and allows employee facilities progress. The education of a lot of enterprises grooms the system is diseased, and the preferment appoint mechanism with agile lack, employee always stays fixedly on former post, achieve a goal of another enterprise, and the target of oneself always is short of however, feel spellbound to oneself future then. A changeless job lets them feel be worried, make they lost working enthusiasm. As dry as a chip and drab the aspiration that pursues novelty with them is inimical, employee people the job that total meeting seeks a kind to suit them more by their desire and position. 4, strengthen constituent cohesive force, the countermeasure that reduces personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year passes the analysis of reasons of pair of personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year, we can are informed, of employee leave his post to be spent to the satisfaction of the enterprise with employee greatly not tall, the cohesive affinity of enterprise oneself causes not by force. Be aimed at these reasons, we are OK ground of have a definite object in view formulates strategy of a few government. Proper of course firewood fulfil is the foundation is mixed assure, but foster and reinforce the attributive feeling of in-house personnel public to the organization, the self-identity that scores employee community and reliance also are indispensable important segment. The cohesive affinity that adds an organization with the method that strengthens employee interior public relations is like with very good " golden darby " , once this is worn in employee heart " golden darby " , can make them difficult give birth to distracting thoughts, serve for the enterprise really. Strengthen employee interior public relations, emphasize active drive namely, use contemporary incentive policy adequately namely, produce the enthusiasm of employee and creativity, establish the relationship of the new-style faithfulness between employee and enterprise. Be aimed at below strengthen employee public relations to talk about a few view: (one) the concept that establishing enterprise and employee is partner concern. The relation of traditional business and employee is employ and the relation that are employed, in this kind the relation falls, although the enterprise emphasizes employee should having the mind of master all the time, but in fact, the position of this master is very difficult by employee on the thought try to affirm, they think they are to be in appurtenant position from beginning to end, because this produces active drive very hard to employee. If establish the concept that enterprise and employee are a partner, the master position in just was sure employee is in an enterprise truly, let what employee feels a company approbate thereby with esteem, can produce lasting incentive effect to employee. (2) sufficient accredit, with " on gentleman uses up a person wisdom " attitude gives employee the space with sufficient play. We can discover some person in charges, general job hands in the surface to be handled by subordinate full-fledged member, satisfying in it is to be at ease however no less than, add interference more in working process, perhaps give employee overmuch proposal and think of a way, employee obtains the authorization of formally only, and it is originality suffers everywhere however in fact be restricted, cannot develop. Actually, carry the kind of complete accredit, can train employee to handle the ability of meet an emergency of the problem not only, and can arouse employee originality potential, also be the expression that trusts employee at the same time, the esteem that this kind of practice can make employee feels a company and take seriously, conduce to establish the reliant relationship inside the enterprise. Rank president of company of strange beauty of Taiwan of global industry first with producing petrochemical ABS to make Wen Long, when running a company, the style that follow and idea are Taoist school " do-nothing and treat " , namely " no matter manage,learn " . But this does not mean him really with respect to what also without giving thought to, he is the subordinate that accredit gives him, the subordinate that lets him goes managing, he is sufficient the result of accredit is the subordinate that lets him each is faithful at him, everybody Jie Zhong uses up wisdom ground to run the company " let the United States and Japan inside person of the same trades of Wei like the tiger, retreat to avoid a conflict of all without exception " . Same, zhang Fushi's husband has said president of Japanese Feng Tian Motor Corporation: The reflection that restrains a person ability, ask following contents with superficial understanding, everything dictates by boss executive method is a kind of practice that ignores human nature. (3) proposal of perfect enterprise rationalize. Rationalize suggests the system is democratization system of management, be one kind relatively the enterprise interior of maturity and standardization communicates a system. Main effect is to encourage broad worker to share business management directly. And can be passed go up affection make known to lower levels, the governor that allows a company and employee maintain regular communication. Japanese Feng Tian Motor Corporation pursues rationalize proposal system since 1951, launch worker to table a proposal in those days 1831, achieve 463000 to 1976, average every worker to table a proposal 10 above. The company grants high specified number money award to memorialist, and the pleasure that the democratic sex of the itself because of the system and employee share directly, aroused the enthusiasm of employee and honorary feeling greatly, satisfied the achievement feeling of employee, accelerated the mission move of employee, enhanced the integral cohesive affinity of the enterprise. (4) build to be communicated adequately, the environment that information knowledge shares. As social development, enterprise interior communicates method and method to also have very great progress. We can make full use of network of newspapers and periodicals of interior of blackboard newspaper, enterprise, in-house TV, inside a variety of medium such as couplet net, apply have an informal discussion, conference, phone to chat, chat on the net wait for a variety of methods, make employee public can understand the information that wants to all sorts of place and knowledge conveniently. The following should notice in had communicated Cheng: 1, choose good employee delegate, strengthen represent the communication between with employee. Employee represents the effect that having opinion leader sometimes, the communication with them often reachs the result of get twice the result with half the effort since the meeting. Company of graceful Li Jia often is in Shanghai baud departmental door is draw-out 10 right-and-left employee, drink afternoon tea together with the manager, or the pattern that breakfast meets undertakes communicating, this action rose greatly to the satisfaction of employee is spent and respect course of study to spend. 2, had made guard a pass the person's part. The information of this dredge, be helpful for the information of the enterprise, below the premise that does not violate confidential principle, should undertake bold dredge, this low-key information, go against the information of the enterprise, should restrain stoutly. 3, establish employee column, allow opinion feedback. Of employee column establish what can be employee is transverse build a platform with fore-and-aft communication, employee can use it to express his view adequately, be helpful for communicating. Company of case orchid be an official created case of 60 many opinions in each corners, and in themselves inside employee opinion case also was created at the same time on couplet net, employee can use faceless means feedback opinion. These opinion box let lead the think of a way that knew stuff, and very good supervisory action reached since the behavior to the cadre. 4, esteem worker, care a worker. Understand the worker's requirement more and endeavor to satisfy them, to communicate the atmosphere that creates a good harmony. 5, the grade that affirms employee adequately in time in be communicated with the communication of employee, want to express admiration more to their job. The company below Japanese pine is handling summary of employee relation respect to give 3 big a magic weapon: It is to pat shoulder, 2 it is to send red package, 3 it is to have a meal please. They are passed use this 3 big a magic weapon, expressed oneself good opinion to the employee that work hard on one hand, strengthened the communication with employee on the other hand. So an an a gesticulation of the leader, eyes, movement can convey the affirmation that gives pair of employee result, expression gives the feeling of the friendly affection to employee, and these gesticulation, eyes and movement can be in intended innocently in exciting employee, the proper pride that yields employee insensibly gets satisfaction. Resemble a bridge to the affirmation of employee achievement, frame was in on the heart of controller and employee, virtually communicates big convenient door for their communication. 6, the dissatisfaction in the heart that allows employee in time is able to abreact. If the dissatisfaction in the heart of employee did not get abreacting in time, can form a kind of potential crisis, produce a harm to the enterprise, also be very adverse to communicating communication. The company below Japanese pine becomes entire company chief model rubber person, park in a house, the statue of the boss that lets a heart give birth to malcontent employee to be fed up with to oneself undertakes flogging, make the dissatisfaction of their heart gets abreacting in time, this kind of way deserves us to draw lessons from. 7, the target that makes employee clear organize. Employee should let participate in those who organize a target to make in the job, make they understand an organization to should be achieved inside proper time anticipate what kind ofly, let employee understand the purpose that he works and significance thereby. (5) offer for employee groom the opportunity of preferment. What some employee allude to pursue knowledge in front is newer, pursuit ego is perfected and surmount, rise in value realizes in flow. Accordingly, build reasonable and effective groom preferment mechanism, cater to the psychology of these employee, satisfy their development requirement, with respect to the possibility that can reduce personnel prediction of a person's luck in a given year. 1, strengthen groom the job. A lot of enterprises can servantchoose a person for a job only, lack grooms reasonably the mechanism goes developing a person with ability, so even if nice talented person, use proper time to also be met dog-tired. 2, execute internal flow rising system. Through executing working rotate, can help employee eliminate the cheesed mood of pair of plodding jobs, make the work content broaden the scope, substantial change. Pass the public invite applications for a job of internal labour market, make employee organic can acquire new position, get promoting to a high office. If SONY company announces the vacant case of position regularly, employee need not pass cadre door person in charge to be applied for directly. If apply for a success, can get new job, if be not applied for,go up, still meet Youxiayici opportunity. And because apply for a process,be confidential, employee need not worry about the bias that can is in charge of by original owner. This one method that SONY company implements, act fact proved internal flow can be in what staff reduces on certain level to discharge an amount. 5, the place on last word put together is narrated, one kind spends those who be a principle to be with the person with improving employee satisfaction this incentive mechanism can make employee experiences the humanitarian environment with good business, raise the burden in the heart that employee leaves his post and opportunity cost, reduce the desire that employee flows. Of this kind of mechanism establish the goal that can achieve stable company person with ability, effectively promotes business development.

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