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The exploration that strategy of talent of new century China expands -- Guan Ley
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The reform of social career, economic progress, need a lot of requirements, but of be the first to be affected is a talent. Somebody is fatidical, human future does not depend on space, the sources of energy and farmland, and depend on the development of human wisdom. As hind the advent of industrial times, compare with intellective resource photograph of the mankind, the value that corporeal resource can create is too finite.
"The person is lifted promote, the person dies to destroy " . This is Chinese the ancients to talent action incisive and wraparound, the history also is worn in confirm this rule. Browse history, we see not hard, no matter which take the place of toward which, on the history every time brilliant bring up by a flock of remarkable person with abilities necessarily. Used Guan Zhong, qi Huan is fair be able to seek hegemony; Used Lvbuwei, Li Si, qin Shi emperor is able to unite 6 nations; Chinese great-great-grandfather Liu state also is good at just about " will will " , just win victory finally in the contend for hegemony with Xiang Yu. Him Liu Bang once had said: "Carry preparing tents at curtain in, excel a thousand li definitely besides, I is inferior to ovary (Zhang Liang) ; Town country, stroke common people, give pay make a present of, incessant grain, I is inferior to Xiao He; Connect hundred army, battle surelies win, attack take surely, I is inferior to Han Xin. This 3 person, all an outstanding personality also, I can use, this takes the world so also. Xiang Yu has one model add and cannot use, this so I am captured also. " thoughout the history, the importance of talent strategy never has been despised. The success of anything line of business cannot leave a talented person, this is in of market economy times today, it is the truth of an indisputable likewise.
The Chinese Communist puts forward " talent powerful nation " the strategy is a great strategy that confronts new century, compete now with prospective international, in the final analysis is the talent's competition. Who has the talented person with nicer more, who can take a winner to move in competition, win tomorrow. 21 centuries are the main strategy good luck that our country can be able to develop his skill to full period, and seize opportunity, accelerate the socialistic modernization that pushs our country, the key is in talent.
Before before long, national statistic bureau made a count to the gain state of our country enterprise, the result makes clear, our country most probably the enterprise of above lies the brim that small profits is deficit even, basically be medium and small businesses among them. Investigate its reason, from go up at all say, still be the problem of a talent. Because our enterprise lacks innovation person with ability, without oneself intellectual property, causing China's major company is working for international tycoon, at interest distributive most extreme. If our enterprise has his perfect talent team, the product that can develop the intellectual property that has oneself comes, create high additional cost, so unapt appear this kind of passive situation.
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