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Go in: Manpower resource reform is kind of challenge
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A goes in plan to will hang out his shingle in Shanghai stock exchange on July 5. Regard Chinese capital market as the first state-owned commercial bank, the first below completely current background " H + A " , Shanghai late stock market the first weight... a lot of " the first " , be destined A of Bank of China the event that IPO will become mark sex. Be in as the station a character on needle changing billow, president Li Lihui goes in and without concealing anything character " can experience arrival the pressure from inside and outside, and be at any time and place pressure " . The date that opens banking in the round as China draws near increasingly, how to succeed compose builds contemporary bank to run system, carry competition ability of whole of high school travel, the travel in will be being become undoubtedly change new period want to allow. Those who serve as group is long, li Lihui shoulder heavy responsibilities.

On June 6, travel Hong Kong hangs out his shingle in trade two days to come, be as high as 18 % go up a hearten letting a person, li Lihui says: "Just share price dropped a bit, nevertheless, it is normal that this kind is adjusted. " the reveals naturally calm, openness between its utterance, the have a well-thought-out plan that allows a person to appreciate Li Lihui, unhurried. In this calm backside, it is Li Lihui a force that corrects difficult problem and courage go in the situation broken solution with take a drastic measure to deal with a situation.

With the bank abandon complex hard

On August 3, 2004, the travel in be apart from establishs share-holding system limited company to still have the 23 time of the day, li Lihui resigns Hainan saves the vice-governor's job, the president goes in transfer. Finance of Hainan of Li Lihui be assigned personal responsibility for does not arrive two years in time, hainan banking industry produced very big change. 2003 is Hainan finance comes nearly 78 years quality of business development, asset, excellent service mixes a supervisory management is best year, add deposit newly to break through 10 billion yuan of RMBs.

The government that although can say he is a photograph,should succeed is curule, but compare with banker part photograph, li Lihui or more take a fancy to latter, when opening wide a gate to him in the Bank of China so, he came. Someone says, li Lihui to the bank, having hard the complex of give up.

Actually, before Ren Haina saves a vice-governor, li Lihui is in financial those who having 15 years from already check. During, he holds the position of assistant president of 8 years in Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, be stationed in Singapore in travel assuming work during chief delegate and general manager of international business department, accumulated the knowledge of rich abroad banking system and capital market. In September 2002, li Lihui is moved toward Hainan to hold the post of a vice-governor, be in charge of finance and tourism. After two years, capital of Li Lihui regain goes.
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