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Offer an environment to assure for innovation talent
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Science and technology innovates, the key is in talent. A city has powerful own innovation capacity only, ability holds in intense competition first machine, win a winner to move. Have the key of ability of powerful and own innovation, should have a red-blooded, science and technology that is good at tackling key problem namely innovation team. Below the setting of economic globalization, the flow of capital, information, technology and talent element inside global limits and configuration are increasingly general, the talent's contention is competitive focus, and the competition that the backside that the talent competes is an environment. The market economy that we say is " migrant economy " , where environment actor of good, condition, the talent flows toward where is this truth.
Increase talent resource, achieve the development strength of new-style talent resource especially, it is the inevitable demand that economic society expands jobs of pair of human affairs talent to put forward, also be human affairs branch is carried out in new period " 3 delegates " serious thought, carry out the significant move that implements scientific progress view and scientific talent concept. Education starts new-style talented person, the key depends on a mechanism. Want to arouse the innovation latent capacity of various and of all kinds talent, remove all block up and the adverse factor that manacle a talent to produce creativity, must innovate energetically mechanism, from education, introduce, the innovation activity that all respects such as evaluation, drive and management are of all kinds talent offers an environment to assure.
The talent that optimizes own innovation " hatch " environment. The professional that should have certain latent capacity for those offers good study to breed an environment, the key develops leader of a batch of course and young skilled personnel, encourage a youth to dare to explore, dare to innovate, dare to surmount, let more outstanding youth skilled personnels show itself. The qualified personnel that provides own innovation " attract " environment. Study abroad to going abroad personnel builds significant step to encourage their homecoming to do poineering work; Lower threshold of going from place to place to domestic high-tech talent, encourage do poineering work independently; Be aimed at the different characteristic of of all kinds talent, bold exploration management, technology, labor, capital participates in distributive mechanism and efficient way by contribution, progressively implementation allocates means diversity, make talent value and pay photograph match, cogent create for them " fasten heart keeps a person " environment.
The talent that optimizes own innovation " zoology " environment. Respect a person with ability, esteem characteristic, build the grumous atmosphere of academic freedom. The life of cogent care talent, improve the living conditions of talent of high administrative levels ceaselessly. Accelerate a city to change with modern course, improve urban grade, improve a person to rank an environment, ceaseless aggrandizement city gathers together the talent's ability.
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