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The business politics of manpower resource angle is analysed
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One, the essence that knows company politics

Politics the thing that is everybody, study the issue of everybody you a canal, company politics can consider as all sorts of economy inside the enterprise the summation of the relation. Confirm " the world bright, all come for benefit; The world rejects, all go to for benefit " infallible law.

As long as it is a company, have company politics, undesirable company politics can cause enterprise unbalance, outside behaving a form to not have influence contention, interest allocation, human affairs is adjusted wait for a respect. It is the system of the regulations in the company concealed regulation that shows regular backside, this kind of regulation is to won't do of article, say not to come out, tibet is in under surface, the daily routine that is a few established by usage handles law. This kind of law often consist in of people subconscious in the center, and confirmed. Somebody of no less than sums up in that way: "Fish the existence that always is water of the last discovery " .

The person that the person be in power of the enterprise and politics are in power is same, they are people is not sages and men of virtue, they have concupiscent, affection to read aloud likewise, happy event is evil wait for a variety of trouble. Then, politics is accompanying human nature, be born naturally as constituent formation.

Company politics is omnibus problem, basically mix with property of company culture, company system of resource of style of processing structure, leadership, manpower is relevant. The article basically is the politics of visual analysis company from manpower resource.

2, the analysis of company politics behavior of the enterprise

Our country's very much entrepreneur is bent on buddhist, Confucianism, strategics and Mao Zedong composing; Be fond of Ceng Guofan, be fond of play shifts in politics. To the enterprise too pursuit " political trickery " and negligence system construction, support grinds read these to be full of the philosophical system that control and manages Heng Zhihui, they may are opposite quite the company kingdom of drive of him place interconnected system is joined more fully.

Company " motion " it is an enterprise the undertakes politics moves commonly used medium that leaders learn to come, "Motion " rear, always have clear or ambiguous purpose. Some bosses feel domestic great cause is big nowadays, everybody's state of mind differ, footstep is numerous and disorderly, go down so again oneself have some of brandish to be not moved really, because this thought of " motion " this one form. Alleged " motion " , carry the end that agrees what participate in a hope to achieve boss expect finally of everybody in coordination namely: The principle of business of the unified viewpoint of value, unified target, judgement that unites pair of situations, unified processing, etc, accomplish purge finally one new, strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions. And those block up " motion " the person that the purpose realizes, be about to keep clear of in athletic process, because of to the enterprise character, a lot of moment " do not care what to issue to command, and depend on a command whether be carried out to carry out " . Motion has a lot of expression forms. Having a few is very public campaign, for instance " the whole people learns " the cheese that who ate me " " , everybody talks experience, each searchs " where is your next cheese " .
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