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He Hong slightly: Nuojiya hero of Chinese fire fighting
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11 years ago, he is the first seed that NOKIA China company sows in Hua Na market.

Now, he and he in those days the driver of invite applications for a job becomes two employee with the oldest qualification of Hua Na area.

And go through the mill of 11 years, also make inaugurator of this region market becomes this company to be able to make tough fight most " Feng Jiang old official " , shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, had left him to lead the classic case of sale group win instead of lose, he the position of guard remains outstanding achievement of NOKIA China company to contribute a the biggest now.

But his gladdest thing is however in those days the fellow official that an at hand became him now.

When his a certain follower believes Han of his regard as, he shakes his head say, the success that becomes Zhu Geliang feels can better, provide a platform, the hero lets others become.

Model confusing

Appear in us the He Hong before is not the sort of style that press photographer camera lens falls in love at first sight apparently slightly -- his outfit is too formal, waists-coat of light color shirt, black, adscititious the hair that plays a figure, and sit in him not without narrow office.

Nuojiyana in office of Chinese division general manager, the press photographer finds the sense that he wants not quite easily.

But, once we discover He Hong of summary file ambry most the model of tank of 6 grass green that below one case puts, we found the form him immediately " pull " method: He translated the thing like a forceps from him desk, a hand presses a model forcibly, glasses closely collect goes, that is dedicated, as if after carpenter of a countryside is looking carpenter's ink marker up and down, should pick up at any time play straight filament is taken in giving a music.

Regrettablly, he Hong slightly after all lack practice and skill. Go all out assemble these models, it is the handicraft work that he begins 15 years old to work. In those days, although be in Hong Kong, if a high school student can take this assignment in the TV station, also be very successful the thing of feeling. Spell to be able to get 200 HK dollar probably, he Hong slightly best achievement is a month spells 2, "A meal also wants 3 money only at that time just! " the past before liking the He Hong of knowledge of instrument of military affairs, arms to be recollected slightly 26 years as a child, the expression on the face still theres is no lack of excited.

Now, in He Hong in the home of summary Hong Kong, he monarchs technically many 200 tank that gives a small study to collect him and panzer model. These models, include the different type that the Russia before Germany is mixed makes in each period, name, he Hong is opposite slightly their very familiar with sth, even, the much digital-to-analogue mood in buying a process and reason still are written down clearly.

"Truth is told, now can now and then appreciation, do not have time to play go all out installed. " because do not have professional tool at all, moving back and forth a few times after the model, he Hong abandoned hard slightly. But in market of all-time and intense Chinese mobile phone, he Hong slightly in the office that " barefoot doctor " the metallic kit of medicine chest size is unusual however offend an eye. Open a box, it is coil and electrical outlet completely the thing of and so on, he Hong glance, every clerk of Nuojiya has a such kit, convenient in see the client demonstrates new product function for a short while. "I feel or carrying compare cruel! " comparing delimited one time after relevant pose, he Hong is laughing to say slightly.
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