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[Xinjiang] Wang Lequan: Strengthen construction of team of of all kinds talent t
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On January 26, the The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is outstanding and professional technical worker commends congress and conference of job of municipal human affairs are held in Urumqi, congress commended ceremoniously 2006 year municipality worker of 150 of each domain outstanding and professional technologies. Before Wang Lequan of secretary of Party committee of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, municipality is met kind when interviewing worker of outstanding and professional technology, point out, want the real need that admits around municipal economy society closely, strengthen the education of team of of all kinds talent to build further, produce the effect of worker of outstanding and professional technology adequately, accelerate the education of outstanding talent, form outstanding talent to show itself, creation vigor is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, the person uses up his ability, ability uses up his to use, the favorable situation of full-scale development. The municipality is led minister force of Bai Ke of · of Er of Tieliwaerde, exert, Yang Gang, Chen Lei, Han Yong interviews justice · together. Wang Lequan says, xinjiang serves as owe develop area, talent shortage is restricting the rapid development of municipal economy society greatly. "915 " period is to build comparatively well-off society, compose to establish the crucial period of socialistic harmony Xinjiang in the round, need many of all kinds talented person. We should issue great strength to strengthen team of of all kinds talent to build, pay attention to strengthen team of professional technology qualified personnel to build for the key with talent of high administrative levels, get nice talented person hard introduce, education, development and use, promote of all kinds talent to build the each is in his proper place in harmonious society in compose, each are exhibited can. Worker of broad and outstanding professional technology should continue to do good own job, return bear to wear at the same time the important task that trains talented people of large quantities of new outstanding and professional technology, want one's job of base oneself upon, fulfil one's duty responsible, solidarity guides personnel of broad and professional technology, for municipal economy society development makes contribution again. Standing vice-chairman Chen Lei attends members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, municipality commend congress and conference of human affairs job point out, branch of various human affairs must realise human affairs talent works to advocate the position in socialistic harmony society, action in compose deeply, cogent heighten feeling of sense of responsibility, mission and sense of urgency. Want to increase human affairs system to reform strength further, push officeholder rank manage lawfully, push reform of system of institution human affairs, cogent changeover uses person mechanism. Want hard to improve quality of team of of all kinds talent, attach most importance to a dot with talent of high administrative levels, strengthen team of professional technology qualified personnel to build ceaselessly; With ability construction is core, improve the oneself quality of officeholder team ceaselessly; In order to serve " 3 farming " nod for exert oneself, strengthen team of talent of rural basic level to build ceaselessly. Should have done further army turn the cadre finds a place for, guidance of college graduate obtain employment and foreign intelligence introduce the job to wait other each human affairs works, cogent strengthen team of human affairs cadre to build, the harmonious development that talent of stimulative human affairs works.

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