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Learn the value orientaton of revulsive subordinate
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Outstanding leader can settle issue action from the viewpoint of viewpoint of value, they won't be pure challenge behavior only. Below the circumstance that they are admitting to the action of everybody has correct intention, examine his action, the belief that also can examine him at the same time reachs viewpoint of value, what find out accord with to suit an intent together with party next is other more satisfactory means and behavior. This namely oneself solve article begin the jumping-off place of that case, as to oneself how to solve, also did not introduce in detail here.

Once of an enterprise leave one's post rate is particularly high, their manager asks me to help. The enterprise of this manager is a private enterprise, his individual social status crosses ten million. This my dear brother is a person with very strong enterprise, often work in the evening after 9 o'clock. He works overtime, his subordinate employee also is about to work overtime. But everybody knows, doing not have how many person is for what that nods overtime and work overtime, besides same job mad beyond, believe to be willing to work overtime without the person. There is a lot of to not be willing to work overtime inside his subordinate, but mostly not dare character, because their manager has a word " can work overtime what I become a manager, what do you have not possible? " .

According to the understanding of this manager, overwork job is good for them, they can do more businesses, can acquire higher position, can take more salary, the person that can love for them offers more things. Actually this is the manager's idea and do not have a fault, the person that starts him career to those hopes especially will tell more correct. But the problem is not be everybody hopes to become entrepreneur, also not be everybody money and position as the exclusive level that measures a success. One his tells with me: "I am too busy, from early busy to evening. When going out in the morning, the family member has not waked, came home the family member slept. Namely now and then time and they are together, still also be all over the face lawsuit, a phone calls probable still manager to work overtime. I feel I had done not have the home same. " . Very apparent the problem of this enterprise is in with this, of the enterprise wish scene (the viewpoint of value that perhaps says a manager) did not form across with the employee's viewpoint of value, and the manager goes with his viewpoint of value again equal in value the viewpoint of value of subordinate.

What is meant by viewpoint of value? If say those who want to achievement target is you, supporting you to mean end of this kind of achievement so is viewpoint of value. Accordingly, can discussing viewpoint of value is the foundation of the motive of behavior and choice. Learn successfully in emphasize viewpoint of value be opposite very much successful influence, to this I also do not deny. But present problem, it is not all the person is not a success and did not live. Look again from another angle, different viewpoint of value also decided the different definition to the success. You are abundant and ostentatious, but your not likely has me so carefree and content; You a tall weight, but your not likely has me so free and happy. The individual has the individual's life, because this does not want to think too much for others, the thinking that also does not use you goes limitting the action of others. Because of the person of different value orientaton, belief and part, it is different to the choice of behavior.
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