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Go to a company from a countrywoman fortune legend of the president
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"The woman does not want to should spend her, flower always has when dying of old age. The woman should regard her as tree, ability weathers storm, ability blossoms and bear fruit. " -- Jiang Yuelan an office of 78 square metre, the book held half wall " country " .

The Xin of pacify river city that sits in book caboodle is blue forging ginger month Lan Xiaoxiao says limited company president, I thank these books, they bring me powerful mental force, let my be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation.

Have fixed assets to from woman of a farmhouse many yuan 4000 entrepreneur, what kind of poineering romance is this woman of 46 years old having after all on the body?

brushstroke order

Up to now, jiang Yuelan still remembers 20 old before oneself struggle from inside Azrael hand the scene that come back. Marital be addicted to is betted, the be heavily in debt in the home, creditor comes again and again. Besides go to work, outside looking after children, jiang Yuelan cultivates alone even 6 mus of farm in the home. The weigh of the life already made her faint bear. Her 24 years old get down 200 sleeping pill. "I am opened open one's eyes, see a daughter that helpless eyes, I hold her cry loudly in arms to cry greatly, regretted to die. " " for the daughter, I must proud ground is living. " Jiang Yuelan is dark be determined.

She signs up entered the study with duty big can professional money. After coming off work everyday, she finds a place for good child, dry farm work arrives 89 a little bit, the following day before dawn at 3 o'clock, she gets up again read.

After 3 years, with one paper diploma, she moves financial family by the workshop. 1991, she becomes financial section chief. Chemical industry of the country austral the town of pacify river city that Jiang Yuelan is in is mechanical 2 factories are a farm tool forging factory. 1998, the enterprise is faced with go bankrupt, the factory director was hit retreat a kind of drum used in Chinese operas.

"Our factory is mixed with respect to the factory director two my administrator, workers hope I am taking them to continue to work. " before have two ways only: Or does poineering work, or unemployment.

Face many pairs of 100 expected eyes, jiang Yuelan is decisive make decision-making.

Her scrape together 300 thousand yuan, buy plant of come off work. But, one does not have the civilian battalion enterprise of fame, should open market easier said than done? Because sell depression, in those days, two partner are exited. The enterprise arrived life and death lives or die juncture.

Introvert, never go out excessively long-distance the Jiang Yuelan of the door decides to enter town constant " run to family door, again and again, the family is not taken at all soon you, I ask at that time oneself, take no less than business, do not go back stoutly. " Jiang Yuelan follows him relatively went up strong.

She comes to Hubei car bridge limited company, this is a car that has dimensions quite in the whole nation produces manufacturer.
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