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How to raise area talent resource to develop efficiency
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Talent resource is those who enhance area core competition ability is important assure. Advance a talent to develop the strategy, enhance a person with ability efficiency of macroscopical management job, the strategy that is overall situation of relation area development chooses and assure at all.

Deepen talent resource to configure, should breed the market main body of open and unified, professional standard. Build and perfect admittance mechanism, introduce, coach and supervise orgnaization of intermediary of resource of manpower of management sex society, breed have the environment of competition, manpower resource market that has energy; Through system reform makes existing talent market and labour market form each to have emphasize particularly on, the mutual competition, development way that has distinguishing feature each. Develop way according to the industry, guide those who promote the professional market system such as qualified personnel of new and high technology, manufacturing industry talent is initiative form, raise talent resource to commercialize configuration efficiency. Get used to economic integration trend, divide an area, key ground advances area talent unifinication to develop the strategy.

Deepen talent resource to develop, want to produce good adjusting control and oriented effect, perfect market configures a function. Collect of perfect talent information, release a mechanism, release talent resource state, talent to develop catalog and talent development policy regularly, build system of reference standard of value of various and of all kinds talent, the oriented effect that produces the price and mechanism of supply and demand leads a talented person reasonable flow, stimulative talent and enterprise both sides are optimal of configuration form. Obtain employment of perfect college graduate is promoted and do poineering work directive job mechanism, in sufficient play the market is configured advocate below the premise of channel action, build the bridge to build graduate obtain employment to carry out base by governmental pull wires, build graduate and platform of butt joint of enterprise in advance.

Raise resource of talent of high administrative levels to develop integral efficiency, above all, the talent innovation that should build diversity does poineering work platform. According to region industry development plans carrier of reasonable implantation talent, form give priority to body, institution of higher learing and place of scientific research courtyard to be the pattern of assemble of talent of high administrative levels that rely on with pillar industry and industry of new and high technology, execute an industry to get together just, carrier makes gift. Strengthen the plan and construction of orgnaization of research and development of etc of station of flow of area of garden of key laboratory, science and technology, talent, accelerate introduce breed of all kinds science and technology " hatch implement " , wait for a respect to give aid to appropriately from policy, capital, place, implementation makes the talent, benign progress that heads a project with the talent with the project. Next, want to build major of talent of high administrative levels to develop platform. Support government is driven, market drive, demand is driven, guide stage by stage form market of professional and senior talented person, offer configuration opportunity 2 times for talent of high administrative levels, resource of talent of activation area high administrative levels. Encourage talent market and orgnaization of service of intermediary of domestic and international famous talented person to cooperate, enlarge the eye shot that choose gift. The 3rd, build each other of science of outstanding talent information to connect platform. Strengthen place of courtyard of college of place where troops are stationed, scientific research and enterprise to be coordinated between as a whole, build the bridge through pull wires, advance produce learn to grind unifinication, make limited intellective natural resources produces the biggest beneficial result.
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