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Come true to direct with the problem accurate groom
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On July 19, suffer some magazine company to invite, I attended the sale meeting that the sale administrator of each enterprise and expert place have each industry in Zhengzhou. Can go up to exist generally in the light of each company place " the product is placed on goods shelves to sell do not move how to do " this one task from " appear this one problem has what appearance, it is what reason is caused, how to go solving? " this one train of thought asks authority each airs his own views.

After attending this one meeting, touch to the author very big. This makes the author is immersed in think: The enterprise already groomed via realizing now the meaning to the enterprise, but what often make the enterprise headaches is: Of the enterprise groom how should undertake; What the enterprise undertakes is many groom often throw however big, effects is low; The enterprise should ask those grooming division undertakes grooming to the enterprise; Why the enterprise asks groom what tell on division stage is lively, but there is what effect however after the meeting, the money of the enterprise is equal to Bai Hua to wait.

The enterprise that encounters afore-mentioned problems actually did not do clear business is: Why should the enterprise undertake grooming. And solve afore-mentioned problem enterprises to be able to be adjusted completely groom train of thought, that is oriented implementation with the problem namely accurate groom.

So how should the enterprise undertake be been with the problem directing coming true accurate groom?

One. Does the enterprise groom in-housely how should undertake?

Phenomenon: The enterprise often can exist in daily management course such and such problem, but problem month in and month out appears, month in and month out is carried, it is the means that seeks less than asking that the problem is solved, bring about a problem to accumulate deeper more thereby, final irremediable.

The problem that the enterprise can exist the place in the enterprise every months has pool, call together relevant personnel to undertake problem analysis puts forward to solve train of thought next, fashion integral solution next. Can consult " this one problem has what appearance, it is what reason is caused, how should solve " train of thought will undertake, form " problem. Case. Method " . By relevant personnel on this foundation the organization is made groom and be formationed groom accordingly material had better form corresponding exercise standard and program, similar problem will turn over enterprise reappear henceforth these data are referenced. Of course these data companies should undertake trends turns management, ceaseless compensatory and corresponding case and method, form a company finally " wisdom library " and absolutely good groom data.

Note: The enterprise is not counted on all problems are solved between one night, can center 9 tasks to undertake every time.
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