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HR attestation: Yu of of Piao of mellow Hu
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If your certificate is stuck merely,have the sign that prevent bogus, and without steel seal of national labor department, if your certificate is without accredit of national labor department groom illegally the orgnaization issues, so its as good as at a piece of waste paper.

So, how can you just obtain contain the letter with tall Troy? Is professional qualification letter so vital really?


The certificate that prevent bogus encounters likewise " plum ghost " !

The intense competition of duty field is ecbolic vast and mighty " textual research " main forces, but because the country is at present right,groom the management of textual research market still is in perfect in, a few groom illegally the orgnaization is impure also among them, kill a person not shallow.

Several days ago, one comes to Guangzhou from Hubei the friend of to apply for a job tells a reporter her to add the weight of own to apply for a job, spent thousands of money, those who pass 4 months groom, pass an entrance examination the professional qualification certificate of division of management of resource of a manpower. Imprint on certificate the sign preventing bogus that has exam center, she still calls designedly at that time go inquiring, the phone tells her certificate is true that. Can be when to apply for a job, this certificate was not like what she imagines to be brought to oneself in that way how old advantage, until once a manager of well-meaning human affairs when interview tells her: "Your certificate is false! " on one hand of division of management of resource of domestic labor power enter oneself for an examination qualificatory limitation is very severe, record of formal schooling wants undergraduate course above, and need the own job experience of above 3 years at least; On one hand certificate of qualification of this kind of profession should build the steel seal that has national labor department, and what she obtains the sort of stick the letter that has the sign that prevent bogus merely, be what did not pass accredit of national labor department is illegal groom the orgnaization issues, in other words, as good as of this kind of certificate at a piece of waste paper.

A variety of effort that remember for this share certificate is paid, thousands of money hit water to float, the friend is about to cry without the tear. Although she depended on her ability to had found a job now, but she or hope can remind the friends that play attestation exam through our newspaper: Want to inquire pertinent information carefully, beware be deceived; Also hope we can introduce a few relevant knowledge at the same time, allow the catch in exam of attestation of more person escape.

Industry view

Groom orgnaization: Random flower gradually desire glamorous look

The manpower resource with more authoritative at present manages what attestation has home not only to still have abroad, this gets HR profession qualification to wanting is a favour for the personage of attestation, can the circumstance act according to actual circumstances according to oneself, the choice suits what he did not develop to groom most means.
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