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The assessment that builds HR profession capacity system
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After knowing the ability quality that HR personnel place must have clearly, we can develop from which give to be opposite of HR ability quality evaluate a system. If integrate this system existing test to evaluate a system to use, can increase us to be opposite the accuracy of HR personnel choice, judgement.

We think, the assessment of HR profession ability the system can simplify for 3 respects:

1, the setting that evaluates HR and why to choose HR to develop way as the profession: Include setting of working experience, education, record of formal schooling, has learned course, place to accept continuity to teach HR of circumstance, choice to regard occupational as the reason, and the obstacle that encounters in the job.

2, evaluate regard HR as the professionalism degree from personnel of course of study (it is a basis with the concept type of the professionalism of Eliot Freidson) : 1 ) intellectual structure: Evaluate HR to whether have accepted intellectual structure; 2) acknowledge spends: Evaluate the knowledge that HR place masters and skill, whether be thought generally to have value to the company by the employee of the company, be regarded as wait for in light of the business partner of the company; 3) autonomic power: Evaluate HR personnel the autonomic power in routine and eye, the result that the personnel of which level in the company can obtain to HR has judge; 4) ideological: Evaluate HR to whether have service and contributive consciousness (for example: Those who go after the job to go up is excelsior, still seek pay) ; 5) educational degree: The teachs degree acknowledge that should obtain to be engaged in HR career and the professional development place henceforth is spent.

3, the purpose that strategical part acts in evaluating HR to be in an enterprise to achieve from personnel of course of study, how develop and maintain core ability quality. Basically include: Through why be being planted channel gains newest HR government knowledge, spend the time on study everyday, the frequency of the HR activity that enters in the place of 12 the middle of a month in the past.

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