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"Duck swarm " by accident talent
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Some enterprise promotes the professional technology personnel that holds the position of assistant factory director from manufacturing technology a gleam of, put forward actively recently to resign to branch of canal of proprietor of an enterprise the application of post of assistant factory director, strong demand bring back to life produces a gleam of to do a technology to work, its reason is, be on administration to lead post more than two years to come, everyday Yu Fan of ups and downs' busy civil service, all sorts of dinner party one after anothers, oneself professional technique works almost hard attend to, domain of professional nowadays technology grows change with each passing day, oneself look very demandingly to a few papers in this major actually now, oneself professional technology level lags behind apparently at the person of the same trade.

Of the monkey " professional specialty " it is swarm, of the duck " professional specialty " it is to swim, do not let a monkey develop " professional specialty " swarm, call it to swim; Do not let a duck develop " professional specialty " swim, call it swarm, these practices are extremely foolish, the result is the monkey did not swim necessarily, although swam, also may drown in water; Duck cannot go up to cultivate, although went up, also may fall from the tree.

Be in a few places at present, it is especially in a few enterprises, be opposite the talent takes the existence on the problem seriously to wear one-sided understanding, often make let a monkey swim, the commonsensible sex that drives duck swarm and so on is wrong. Look in them, it is the talent had be toed promote be promoted, appoint with administrative post, to the top " official post " just be pair of talents take seriously. A few branches and enterprise are allocating go up to tilt apparently to administrative respect, with official endowment, with government-owned encourage person, the official raises one level, wage is big different. Below this kind of circumstance, personnel of a few professional technologies still stands fast technical post, the major that is engaged in oneself works, produce specialty, but also personnel of a few technologies does not sit, squeeze when the official this single-plank bridge, lose professional technology aside, formed with whether be being promoted, whether the error that becomes an official to attach most importance to level of the talent that inspect a person, cause qualified personnel of a few professional technologies to set his mind at hard professional job, learn to be not place to use.

A few places and industry appear in use talent respect let a monkey swim, the abnormal condition that drives duck swarm and so on, in the final analysis or the government-owned standard consciousness that existing confirmedly still to cut ceaseless, manage to return chaos in a few leader head, intended or use innocently " official " the value that on any account will come to measure a person with ability, self-conscious or not self-conscious " official post " regarded as those who send a talented person " award " . The ancients cloud: Courser can adventure, agrarian cropland is inferior to an ox; Firm car can carring capacity, cross a river to be inferior to a boat. Let change his profession in the technical personnel of the handy on technical post hold the position of administrative post, make technical work reduces its major " part-time job " , the name is put sb in a very important position, solid for " abuse " . This is the expression that does not understand to the talent grows and develop the rule, also be the ignore of pair of talent value, what should cause talent resource necessarily is unused with waste, those this pair of talent resource are mixed with respect to not bounteous branch originally for the enterprise, it is one disaster after another undoubtedly.
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