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Little test: Are you the ace that lets boss raises
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Be pressed suffocatively by extremely heavy work or study? If the method makes you abrupt,disappear from reality a period of time, can you want where to hide?

A seaside

B country

C high mountain

D aerospace


Choose A you are an originality ace that argute, brains moves quickly, go up in the life or on the job, ground nature is not engraved to show your clever and fast person sharp words, quick-witted one side when can be not being had, want to let a boss be your raises so, have to look for opportunity show to give the one side that your reaction takes quickly partly, let boss experience, such requirement raises are not difficult.

Choose B you are desperately 3 man, actually common boss also knows you are to immerse oneself in certainly hardworking model employee, just compare won't active performance as a result of you, may not take care to omit you in raises list, or it is raises extent not quite. Proposal you, want conscientiously to be used on blade, now and then apply subtotal slightly, chat with the boss more, advantage will be more!

Choose C you have ambitious ambition, and you think every job just wants to complete one of processes that you dream that, so the amount to pay, you are not very care about, nevertheless, whats are done without silver. Suggest you had better be at ease ideal first in, mix more boss ask for advice, when accepting put sb in a very important position in the future, advantage can exceed your imagination!

Choose D your working performance drop is too big, can get sometimes the mood or the influence that are interest, because this boss can feel very bad judge the stand or fall of your job ability, so you had better develop your the 2nd special skill more more, or be build with work in the same placing closer interactive, let a boss produce reliant move to you, such ability makes company raises tarry you.

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