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Test: With you most fast the job that match
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★ problem

The holiday sets a day, you are multiplying a boat to find treasure in the dream, use your imagination please, answer the question below. Add up check the number again finally, worked with respect to what can know to suit you most ~

1. Is the boat that you take that kind?

A. Corsair.

B. Boat.

C. Raft.

2. How many person and you go together?

A. A few people.

B. A few people.

C. Want yourself 1 person only.

3. If can bring an animal, should you take that kind?

A. Dog.

B. Cat.

C. Birdie.

4. Do you think what thing can guard you?

A. From the mother the takes baby there.

B. From father the takes sword there.

C. In the scree that the seaside collects.

5. Toward what direction can the boat set out?

A. East.

B. On the west.

C. South.

D. North.

6. Is the thing that you mean?

A. Hide in the treasure in very deep cavern.

B. The treasure by Shen Zaihai.

C. Put in the treasure in deserted old shrine.

7. Advance toward the sea when you, at this moment those of sea even wire just appeared a tremendous black vague impression, what do you consider as?

A. Fasten a boat course.

B. It is a big nebula stopped only.

C. Big dinosaur appeared.

8. In nautical road, same thing lost, what thing be?

A. Water.

B. Food.

C. Fire.

D. Compass.

9. Through long voyage, arrived to hide treasure place eventually, at this moment, a devil appeared, said a word beside you, what do you feel he said?

A. Do not have treasure at all, you were cheated.

B. Treasure is early was taken away.

C. You are impossible to find treasure! Give up the idea forever!

10. You found treasure eventually! That one 剎 that opens a box when you that, you think, what did you see?

A. Bullion gem.

B. Can see prospective mirror.

C. The animal that can bring you changes the antidote that answers the mankind.

★ plan distributes a list

2   of 1   4   of 3   6   of 5   8   of 7   9   10

1   of A   1   of 1   1   of 2   1   of 1   1   of 2   2

2   of B   3   of 2   3   of 1   2   of 2   3   of 4   3

3   of C   2   of 3   2   of 3   3   of 3   2   of 3   1

4   of   of   of   of   of   of D           1

★ plan divides means to express computation according to the mark please.

The 10 person → A that arrive 14 minutes

The 15 person → B that arrive 19 minutes

The 20 person → C that arrive 27 minutes

The 28 person → D that arrive 32 minutes

The person → E of 32 minutes of above
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