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The individual evaluates case to review analyse
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A senior manager that works in the foreign enterprise by foreign the boss is fired, the main purpose that he comes here to seek advice is to want to know where the problem is after all. He is during firm work, business is begun vivid and dramatic, outstanding achievement is very good, get along with colleague subordinate more harmonious, but half an year comes and foreign the boss produced a few contradiction, oneself object, did not think of to get the air suddenly. A when develop in the career important level gets such blow, although this manager is experienced rich, but the mood calms hard. Report above all he undertook desire of governor ability exam, society measures a watch exam of style of action of exam, governor and exam of controller profession interest 4 exam, had detailed description to the condition with current ego next, put forward to evaluate a hope. Result of record of the individual information that home of company technical secondary school analysed him together, interview, test and post feature, find out problem place.

We discover, this manager has very good administrative ability quality and administrative consciousness, humanness enthusiasm, conversation is candid, be good at holding the integral circumstance of the thing, consideration problem reason is objective, work agile, deal with concrete matters relating to work; But mood wave motion is bigger, do not be good at dominating a sentiment.

We are analysed, he is current the main reason of be thwarted depends on: 1, cannot communicate effectively in the association with the boss, he cannot chat with the boss patiently, show the inclination that despises a boss. What by him the idea of inferior relation on look upon decides this. 2, the sentiment that cannot dominate oneself well. 3, the colleague with neither one and him complementary disposition and subordinate are made cooperate. 4, of the boss play means is too meticulous, cannot sufficient accredit, limit the development of subordinate. Suggest we consult program certainly further: Above all, explain test result in detail, analyse the advantage of its ability and individual character respect and weakness; Next, want to analyse the main problem that get the air to be on boss body, what oneself should make is seriously summary, is not lose confidence or distracted; The 3rd, need suggests he undertakes adjustment from idea and behavior, for instance, how to know fluctuation class to concern, in playing for the person be always an advantage flat-out? Need not to need to adjust a mood to wait a moment. Finally, needing those who remind him is he suits what kind of superior and colleague. Want to notice to let his speak out freely in seek advice, release the unpleasantness in the heart.

In seeking advice actually, this manager views examination report and our analysis proposal seriously, the characteristic that thinks 5 reports are described is more accurate. He mentions himself actively to be opposite by the view of demit, think oneself were experienced on life journey a lot of, a lot of clearer also, but still existing in play a lot of blemish, some characteristics, looking in oneself is an advantage actually the likelihood is not such, after oneself pass such setback, get such analysis has profit very much, he states the proposal that accepts us hopes to be able to maintain connection. The effect after two months, he gets online to chat with us again, he is in at that time apply for a job and undertake hard thinking. He tells us his tentative plan to prospective profession development, we exchanged a view. Ask him when us: "Look round now you make before two months seek advice, do you feel what help it has to you? "Although he is compared,he says to understand his, but unavailable one kind is made clear and evaluate well and truly, mix through exam seek advice, he from obtained over there the expert affirm one kind and touch, this is very important.
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