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Talent individual quality is evaluated
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How ought to be the person's lifetime spent after all? What are you willing to work most? What to suit to work most? Some people are born to also did not find optimal solution firstly eventually. Below traditional obtain employment system, this problem appears to be not highlighted, and the arrival as intellectual economy, no matter you still are not willing, you will are faced with cannot evasive professional choice. How to seize opportunity, produce the advantage of oneself adequately, service society, realize life value, already became the major problem that every professional personnel pays close attention to. Talent evaluation develops the test of the respect such as interest of viewpoint of value of potential, profession, profession through the profession to you, help you know your objectively with comprehensive ground, help you seek the way that him first-rate profession develops, professional career design and the brigade that seek advice from the life that is you answer doubt dispels doubts.

One, is result of individual quality evaluation reliable?

Hair of talent evaluation technology results from the west, in the talent choose that applies extensively already at each domain such as industry and commerce, army and sports via the development of nearly hundred years. In recent years, our country is more and more extensive also to the application of talent evaluation technology. Although evaluate a kind of be quality of human understanding oneself significant step, but the reliable degree of its result divides normal measurement outside the error, basically depend on the scientific sex that evaluates tool development and the culture setting that rely on. Institute of technology of manpower resource evaluation develops western " business management talent evaluates a system " wait for evaluation tool, it is the authoritative expert that organizes academia of our country psychology, according to the culture setting of our country, the mainland that develops for constant model with the Chinese turns evaluation tool, taller letter is spent spend with effect. According to unit user report, the result that we evaluate can be amounted to with the consistency of the circumstance of unit control 80% the left and right sides. Accordingly, the tool evaluation that you use us can be offerred for you valuable, relatively reliable reference. But the mankind is far to the understanding of oneself without end, we hope and you are accumulated ceaselessly together, summary and the knowledge that improve pair of ourselves, develop ceaselessly and perfect our evaluation tool.

2, commonly used individual evaluates tool brief introduction

Commonly used talent evaluates a tool to include exam of basket of psychological exam and interview, file, panel discussion to wait for scene imitate technology. To individual evaluation, basically use the tool of a few tests that be as follows:

Professional potential checks an aspect: The test that through deducting inference, amount to yours analysis, utterance understands to wait for ability with innovation, conclude force of your professional radical instinct, forecast your development potential.
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