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What is functionary analysis
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Professional description is such: Functionary analysis is to point to carry observation and research, mix about the precise information of some kind of specific nature certainly (to superior) a kind of program of the report. The angle that human affairs psychologist manages from manpower resource sets out the 6W1H post analysis that offerred a very easy memory is formulary, from 7 the respect undertakes an analysis to the post: 1.WHO: Who will finish this job; 2.WHAT: This duty is specific do what business: 3.WHEN: The arrangement of functionary time; 4.WHERE: Where is functionary site 5.WHY: Why does he perform a job (what is functionary meaning) 6.forWHO: He is fulfilling functionary 7.HOW for who: He is the job that how performs a job the analysis is the foundation of other and all job in job of manpower resource management. Its main purpose has two: The first, every position in clearing up an enterprise is doing some of what work; The 2nd, make clear these position what to have to employee specific ask from course of study. If an enterprise connects these problems to be done,not be clear about, activities of other manpower endowment source control may be a castle in the air only. In each link that manage in manpower resource, functionary analysis should say is a job that has difficulty quite: Above all the person carry out that it analyses to the post (manpower resource branch) have particular professional quality demand. If lack necessary professional general knowledge and professional experience, the iteration that needs probably for many times. Next, functionary analysis is not a job that establishs lever to see a movie. Although it is right,the follow-up job influence that manpower resource manages is tremendous, but it very be a hard job to an enterprise to arise to be mixed directly instantly effect. This kind of characteristic may make human affairs manager analyses the post working postpone again and again, often become " of project of go beyond the year of a " . Again, manpower resource branch can not complete functionary analysis work alone, it needs an industry every branch, it is the assistance of every employee even, may affect regular job inevitably sometimes. Additional, the controller of some enterprises does not understand " post to analyse the action of " and content, think functionary analysis is dispensable, cannot get controller to get support thereby, also meet those who affect a post to analyse the job begin. Finally, functionary description and functionary seniority ask to want the adjustment as company position and function transform and change accordingly. Functionary analysis is a successive job, when enterprise any position produces change, be about to undertake to this position the post is analysed afresh, adjust the functionary description of this position and functionary seniority requirement. Otherwise, functionary description and functionary seniority requirement can make a mere scrap of paper, cannot produce any effect. After manager of some human affairs is undertaking the post is analysed, with respect to the achievement lay aside and neglect that will analyse, make functionary analysis becomes a form.

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