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Psychologist thinks some people do not suit to do poineering work
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Not all person has poineering quality, after all what person does not suit to do poineering work? Social psychologist thinks:

The 1 , person that lacks professional consciousness. Professional consciousness is people to what pursueing professional self-identity feels, it is OK the vitality that utmost ground arouses a person and creativity, it is the premise that respects property. If actor of professional, profession waits, they have stronger professional consciousness, and the job that personnel of some labour firewood pursues to place however lacks professional consciousness, satisfy at completing the work inside him portion mechanically, lack enterprise, initiative, the environment of this and intense competition is not appropriate.   

2, the person that feels too strong primely. Self-reliant talent is high, persist one's old ways, hard as shirt-sleeve as collective.   

3, going up only is from, can say only " be " person. This kind of person lacks independent character, initiative and creativity. If was become manager, also can lockstep, begin pioneering work hard, adverse to company development.   

4, skulker. This kind of person is called " salary thief " . The work that they give and salary are not accorded with, can croak only, prattle, shake everyday will shake go wasting time, influence others works.   

5, mix one-sidedly proud person. Some people note the weakness of others only, see the advantage that is less than others; Some people always like to debase others, him drive up, always think oneself are most overmatch, character respect is put in very big drawback.   

6, the person with formalist become rigid. Work lack flexibility, to anything by experience dogmatic will handle, do not agree to be answered neatly, be used to regarding the convention as infallible law.   

7, the person of be swayed by one's emotions. Processing everything wants reason, be swayed by one's emotions person often replace a principle with feeling, want how to work, cannot accuse oneself with reason.   

8, " garrulous much tongue " with " bigoted " person. Garrulous the person of much tongue, without giving thought to what thing, they should insert on a few words; "Bigoted " person, never listen attentively to the opinion of others.   

9, recreant be afraid of getting into trouble, fine long hair falls down without definite idea, leaf be afraid of the person that smashs broken head. This kind of person would rather lockstep also not venture innovation, when anything crops up shuffle, do not agree to be in charge of, mediocre and unambitious and narrow selfishness, petty.   

10, be swayed by considerations of gain and loss however easy and complacent self-sufficient person. Have results a bit, be mad with joy; A bit bilk bilk, cannot recover after a setback, the mood rises to fall greatly greatly, extremely lopsided.  
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