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The bag outside manpower resource: See a problem from data
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Dulake ever pointed out · of contemporary United States' famous P of administrative Great Master: "Come 15 years in 10 years in, the job that tiring-room is done to support only in any enterprises and does not create turnover should outside the bag goes out. Forms of any the bag outside offerring the opportunity to advanced development and activity, business to also should be adopted. " should say, "The bag outside manpower resource " the result that pattern of this kind of management is Information Industry development. It is development of social high speed, professional division of labor refines reflect, also be one of marks that social civilization progresses. Now, the important step of the get the upper hand of in becoming an enterprise to compete in the market is included outside, enough of data of a few statistic shows an issue.

(1)1997 year, mckinsey company investigation and study makes clear. 500 strong companies pass global fortune to be wrapped outside human affairs and make its labor cost was cut down 25% , 30% . Be in the United States, appeared various " temporarily employee " company and corporation of professional PEO(Professional Employer Organization) , these companies assume file of concerned salary, welfare, personnel, invite applications for a job, employ for client company, groom wait for management to work and offer relevant report to wait, it is the special orgnaization that provides service of human affairs respect for the enterprise. The fast personnel that the country such as flower law appears recently serves a company, the service also is included outside providing manpower resource for the enterprise only. They cost many time to search, reservation, groom the manpower of oneself and concessionary operator, partner. At present the hunt head firm of the be current on the market, also belong to the company that the service includes outside offerring manpower resource to manage for the enterprise.

(The scale of personnel of 2) abroad HR and employee is normally 1 than 100, and in home this scale is in however 1 than 30 the left and right sides. The bag outside already having job of partial manpower resource in succession because of foreign enterprise manages, make thereby manpower resource management cast off trival routine work, the company works attention in core centrally and consider the issue of confidential sex as a result of domestic company, or facilitate hold the account that control, HP still is he is being operated mostly, efficiency is general and low. But we should see, the development of aught is not accomplished in one move, need experiences burgeoning period, into long-term, development period, last strike is mature, of manpower resource outside the bag also is such. The arrival of new economy times, make the newer ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye of the technology that develops change quickly, knowledge, consequently the industry is improving efficiency, win the pressure with competitive advantage bigger than be faced with before field. More and more enterprises begin self-identity and admit this to run way, change traditional way gradually, the thing that accomplishs those by outside force is handed in as far as possible by " other " go doing.
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