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Individual character exam -- accurate see oneself clear
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Character (it is the individual character that our common weighs or disposition) it is individual organization of a kind of when with its the place in the process of environmental interact forms distinctive body and mind, and the organization with this one slow change makes when individual acclimatization, in need, motive, interest, manner, viewpoint of value, temperamental, sex to, all respects such as appearance and physiology, each have its to be different from other and individual place (Yang Guoshu) .

Our commonner individual character exam is express from Chen Liang. Individual of the person that be expressed from Chen Liang even if let be measured provides the report about him character trait, because ego reports to concerning variable is controlled hard and not easy unified standards of grading, objective make grading, what use the form that standardizes test so. A series of problems and option include in measuring a watch (dispute type perhaps chooses form) , every problem description characteristic of a kind of behavior, the person that the requirement is measured makes the solution that accords with his according to oneself circumstance. Its assume basically is: Suffer him person that measure to understand his most only, because can observe oneself at any time and place, but also meet sometimes somewhat deviation.

Everybody introduction gives test of a few kinds of classical individual character below:

MMPI (bright exam of character of Ni Suda heterogeneous)

MMPI (Minnesots Multiphasic Personality Inventory) it is American bright Buddhist nun Su Da university teachs S. R. Hathawag and J. C. Mckinley weaves in 40 time initial stage, use method of experience effect mark, measure the collect in note of an account in one's own words of archives of watch, medicine, patient, doctor and the description of a few book from a large number of medical history, character more than 1000 titles, can compare group of significant divisional effect mark (diagnostic psychology of classics medical treatment is unusual and the patient of be in hospital) with the crowd that does not have unusual action normally via deciding. The diagnostic treatment that basically is used at disease of character appraisal, psychology, psychology seeks advice from domain of the psychology such as psychology, medicine. Be in the United States, besides intelligence quotient (IQ) beyond exam, MMPI is the psychological testing with the most extensive application. The Chinese Academy of Sciences is psychological, jointly with the whole nation the 45 collaboration unit of 30 provinces, city, municipality, had a test to 10 thousand many objects, the Chinese edition of MMPI was rolled out formally also 1989.

Young disposition questionnaire (CPI)

Young disposition questionnaire is called again " exam of young case questionnaire " , it is what according to American psychologist Gough weaves " psychological exam expresses Jialifuniya " (abbreviation CPI) edit and become. Basically reflect pattern of normal society behavior, can forecast individual the social behavior below specific situation. Teaching psychological respect, can use at to potential of student achievement, creativity forecast, can provide guidance for professional choice; Of accomplishment of effect of the administrative potential of the person that in management psychological respect can be used at be opposite to evaluate, job forecast provide reference. Be in abroad, it is considered as a test that there is larger latent capacity in personnel choose respect.
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