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Ability quality evaluates 3 rank mode
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Ability quality (Competency) the integrated quality that needs as place of;equal;fitter;fittest;qualified;equal to work, performance of behavior of immediate impact individual and enterprise are long-term develop, accordingly more and more enterprises pay attention to the evaluation of pair of staff capacity quality and test. About ability quality, according to iceberg model, acknowledge of the social part of element of the knowledge that its basically incorporate to put the part on landscape on the ice, skill and iceberg underwater part, ego, idiosyncratic reach motive to wait for element, deepness of their from above to below is different express to be differred by the difficult easy degree of mining and perception, be dug not easily more greatly more downward with perception. Although social part, ego is cognitive, idiosyncratic,reach motive to wait to potential is felt not easily however and be fostered, want the ability quality of well and truly cognitive company staff, deep-seated quality evaluation is indispensable however and terribly is important.

Undertake staff capacity quality is evaluated well and truly in the round, can adopt 3 phase to come in proper sequence comes true.

   Paragraph one: Design dictionary of company ability quality

Undertake to company staff ability quality is evaluated, the ability quality that is about to abstract this enterprise to admit a need above all wants, this can be adopted normally deduce the method that is united in wedlock with Baconian photograph to undertake, discuss in company culture (ECD) with interview of crucial behavior incident (KBEI) the ability quality that certain business place wants on the foundation. With respect to business demand character, in be in already ability quality respect, normally need employee has already play ability, have humanness capacity again, play among them ability expression is a branch inside, outside the branch and the general affairs outside the enterprise handles ability, and humanness ability includes to be opposite ranking, right with class, harmonious to inferior relation ability; And in respect of potential faculty quality, the enterprise needs staff already the intelligence quotient of the respect such as necessary concept, judgement, inference, need to have taller feeling again at the same time business. Although experience of company ability quality needs to involve square respect area, but should according to the enterprise actual, the core ability quality that abstracts an enterprise to share wants with of all kinds major ability quality wants.

If be in some hardware is plastic in limited company, take development of human nature of system of the market, be particular about, esteem, attention, powerful be transferred to another post seriously according to its duty wait for company viewpoint of value to read aloud to appeal to with employee beg, it is abstraction of quality of its core ability force of the sincere confidence, heart that respect property, meet an emergency, executive force, cooperation force and development power. The ability quality that can know company place to need for employee wants, still be necessary to be opposite these wanting undertake limitting, make clear the specific meaning of the ability quality that these need evaluate.
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