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Thought of evaluation of talent of Chinese ancient time and the development that
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The it may be said of talent evaluation thought of Chinese ancient time is of long standing and well established, " Yao Dian of · of a high official in ancient China " account the test that Tang Yao is opposite several years of Shun Yu and make an on-the-spot investigation, " The Book of Rites " in account has been used in our country Zhou Dai " test-fire " official of means choose civil and military, professor Lin Chuanding thinks " test-fire " the individual test that is a kind of special ability, used consult the billiard-marker law of effect mark. The talent evaluation of Chinese ancient time is one of the life scene in diversiform, change comprehensive examination mostly, be like, " Lv age " " 8 view 6 check " talent evaluation law, Liu Shao " person keep in mind " medium " 8 view 5 check law " , of Zhu Geliang " tell a person 7 laws " etc, it is to be in what undertake in real life scene to make an on-the-spot investigation with the evaluation. Professor Lin Chuanding evaluates in the analysis " tell a person 7 laws " when ever pointed out: These methods " it is to use specific scene to lure the conduct character that derives place wants observation " . Bright generation He Liangchen is in " blast plan " in also mention provide quite Promethean talent choose standard, be like " the person with action honest country, go the apprentice with oily marketplace " , " head spirit of gas extraction courage, second take physical strength convenient " , the disposition that is pair of people actually, temperamental make an on-the-spot investigation with assess. Arrive from Tang Shi clear minor details, the imperial examinations that continued thousands of years system, can saying is Chinese application time the talent evaluation with the longest, the most extensive influence. And before this, qin Shi's milistary exploit is made, Han Chao's examine is lifted make, of Wei Jin take an examination of accomplishment to make, without the spirit that did not reflect talent evaluation.

Our country is the earliest relatively the talent evaluation of standardization is the vocational guidance activity that developed inside Tsinghua university 1916. 1921, china duty teachs a company to used self-restrained professional psychology exam to have test to personnel of enter a school. But inchoate because of Chinese society industry backward and the limitation of social condition, the talent evaluates the development that forms dimensions hard, 60 time, china sends the need that postpone because of industry and military affairs, make talent evaluation had great progress, be like 70 time, air force the 4th institute ever wove " study flight ability forecasts a method " , in order to to admitting by examination the new student has collective psychology test, obtained favorable result, make air man falls into disuse rate reduce greatly.

In last few years, got in the member that the talent evaluates those who be in the officeholder invite applications for a job of Chinese government and enterprise to choose very extensive take seriously and apply. A few companies begin to use the member that psychological exam method undertakes choosing by professional, the government sector calls together psychologist help to build officeholder to evaluate a system, and the value that more and more enterprises, institution also realizes to the talent evaluates pair of staff invite applications for a job.
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