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Disposition of field of which kinds of duty is checking you?
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Common saying says, disposition decides everything. Although some are exaggerated, but go up in the duty field nowadays, of the individual " duty field disposition " the factor is very main really, deciding your duty field expression, affecting boss the view to you, the profession that controlling you develops. Accordingly, those who understand oneself " duty field disposition " , and suit the remedy to the case undertakes proper adjustment, will conduce to you grasping duty field opportunity better.

1. Hear the meteor shower that sees inaccessibly wanted to come, your reaction is:

A, without interest, be disinclined even relevant news to look. (1 minute)

A bit B, curious, but see news hookup be satisfied. (3 minutes)

C, it is the gens that chase after a star, want to keep precious memory of course. (5 minutes)

2. How long you ramble at ordinary times department store?

A, seeming is to several years did not go. (1 minute)

Won't B, active go, the meeting when be being passed on the road goes in look. (3 minutes)

C, at a loose end does not have a thing to may go there ramble. (5 minutes)

3. Your manner to music how?

A, like to listen to some assonance only happy. (1 minute)

B, by the feeling, some songs listen to be able to like immediately. (3 minutes)

C, a lot of songs are after wanting to listen a few times, just can like. (5 minutes)

4. Do you have the habit of lock to commonly used vehicle?

A, meeting adds on several locks, afraid public security is bad. (1 minute)

Can B, additional adscititious outfit a safety lock, install to beg a heart. (3 minutes)

C, use only match a lock basically, feel oneself won't be so hapless. (5 minutes)

5. Does the meeting when will your idle do not have a thing go out to take a walk?

Of A, meeting, be in likely nevertheless the circle around. (1 minute)

B, meeting runs to compare the far, place that goes lesser usually. (3 minutes)

The C, place that likes to run to was not had been to takes a risk. (5 minutes)

6. How long do you need on average about to the time of workplace everyday?

10 minutes of A, less than. (1 minute)

B, 10 -- 30 minutes or so. (3 minutes)

More than half hours of C, above. (5 minutes)

7. Whether do you rise to you can have the idea that does not go to a company early in the morning?

A, hard to avoid, but the frequency is not too much. (1 minute)

B, frequency calculates calculate not little still, have very big concern with mood stand or fall. (3 minutes)

C, only talent of overcast and rainy can not want to go to a company. (5 minutes)

8. Whether do you have the habit that feeds pet usually?

I am A, super like puppy. (1 minute)

B, I like to raise pet, a few indisposition that are them only can let me feel troublesome. (3 minutes)

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