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The talent that holds to socialization evaluates means
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The talent is the most active ingredient in economic society progress. Compose is built " harmonious society " the target that develops to the talent is a person use up its just, just use up its to use, promote each other, bring out the best in each other. The choose that how evaluates a talent to involve a talented person, education, use and incentive, it is the main factor that affects harmonious society to build. As the ceaseless development of economy of our country market, talent team expands ceaselessly, especially the occurrence of all sorts of new society estate and the bitter fleabane break out that are not state ownership economy are exhibited, the main body that the talent evaluates and means also want the external demand according to market rule, change the way of onefold evaluation main body, play socialization talent evaluates the effect of the orgnaization, increase diaphaneity, the evaluation main body that establish distinguishs somewhat each other and each have the evaluation kind that emphasize particularly on, the science that raises talent opinion hard changes a standard.
The Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council " the decision that works about enhancing a person with ability further " put forward, evaluation of party card talent is approbated in masses again, talent evaluation weighs business management of enterprise to be approbated in the market and contributive person, talent evaluation weighs professional technology to be approbated inside society and course of study, developed a talent to evaluate theory thereby.
The evaluation of party card cadre wants a basis " officeholder of People's Republic of China law " , " rules of work of appoint of choose of cadre of party card leader " the requirement with concerned law, code, aggrandizement is the publicity of officeholder management, equal, competition, preferred mechanism, hold to officeholder post " every is entered take an examination of surely " , enlarge choose to enrich the outstanding talented person that has experience of basic level work to the scale that various Party and goverment officials works. The just sex of the scientific sex that raises exam of mount guard of open choose, competition and program. Want what enlarge cadre masses further to share range, improve quality, conditional place can undertake to the society fair show, start Jian of social all circles virtuous lift can. Should select party card cadre had used definitely, the power of know the inside story that must implement good masses to work to the cadre, participate in authority, option and superintendence. In the cadre assessment evaluates popular wishes of great democracy of the enlarge in the job, report, basically recommend through perfecting democracy, system of democratic evaluation, democratic appraise sth through discussion will come true.
As the ceaseless development of market economy, the talent configures those who commercialize degree to rise, job of evaluation of professional technology qualified personnel should be in from before unit interior, system interior undertakes, realize socialization stage by stage. Should press make overall plans, the train of thought that pace of classified reform, cent carries out, reform system of appoint to a position of professional technical position, build professional level qualification to evaluate a system, pursue system of professional admittance seniority lawfully, form it is with ability, outstanding achievement oriented, scientific professional technology qualified personnel evaluates a system. Otherwise breaks innovation to evaluate means, the expert inside object of sufficient play person of the same trade, service and course of study is evaluating the effect in the job, form diversity, stereo change, the accepted evaluation inside course of study, made more scientific, reasonable, fairness, just, transparent, provide public letter power more. Want to develop new characteristic according to means of talent obtain employment and profession, extend the professional domain that professional technology personnel evaluates, exploration often is changed, personalized evaluation serves, the efficient, just, authoritative socialization since work up declares evaluation platform, the socialization that accelerates compose to build convenient and efficient professional technology qualified personnel to evaluate the work serves a system, in order to satisfy the requirement of talented person of different type, disparate arrangement of ideas, different group.
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