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Together only the test that billionaire ability answers quite is inscribed
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The design checks intelligence quotient checks average issue, but this issue that a research organization of American designs, it is double challenge of business of intelligence quotient affection however, can the person of this problem on the answer, also be those body homes pass the plutocrat man of wealth of 100 million.

There are 4 people in this story, you, your lover, your rival in love, with the 4th person of an unidentified identity, but foregone condition is, of this mystery the 4th person the elder that is not you is consanguineous, and the other person that includes you inside also is maiden.

You love your lover, but your lover however hesitate, because your lover also cannot abandon your rival in love. At that time, a person fell in love with your rival in love.

The issue came now:

The first problem: You think your rival in love is immersed in with the 4th person in the love net, can helpful to your state?

The 2nd problem: Mysterious the 4th person the rival in love that fell in love with you, can be this kind of circumstance you however times feeling is painful, is excuse me this why?

The 3rd problem: Also be the most serious problem, excuse me of this mystery the 4th person, who is he after all?

Good, problem with respect to these, reply please now, see you whether have the potential quality that becomes billionaire.

Discuss the design mechanism that says psychological test to everybody again:

Have a girl, her father died, on funeral, she encountered a man student that makes her enchanted, soon after, her elder sister is murdered, after police crack a criminal case, discover a murderer, it is this girl, so, why should she kill her elder sister?

When this checks a problem to be rolled out in the United States at first, great majority person does not reply to come up, but, in a lot of murderers in the jail, can reply immediately however come out the answer: Because the girl wants to make a funeral, so that see that man student that makes her enchanted again.

This test has with the psychological disease that will check malfeasant, well-known, malfeasant is having very serious psychology illness, they cannot grind sentence condition, can contact the thing of wide of the mark together, think only guilty ability solves all problems.

And billionaire also is same, their thinking also is mixed normal person is different, and this test, be aimed at just about hereat.

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