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What problem should note when use talent evaluates a result?
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Preferred if separate stuff,be with ─ of discard bad ─ outstanding, qualification and unqualified 3 parts, so preferred come out outstanding person choose namely; Discard bad is will unqualified person eliminate goes out. Both requirement is different, exceed limits to use evaluation to meet those who bring about effectiveness reduce as a result.

Individual the validity that evaluates with talent of overall ─ ─ is the validity on statistical meaning. The assessment that can assure pair of a certain body without the person is certain and accurate, but be in overall in the scale that makes accurate assessment can assure.

The person that seek advice from what evaluate with talent of decision-making ─ ─ to offer is the position that is in the person that seek advice forever, final decision-making ought to by you integrated and other him information comes. Talent evaluation is the news service that provides manpower resource field to you essentially, and these information you obtain hard through other method.

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