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8 enterprises encroach worker rights and interests by exposure
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Do not sign labor contract, do not press insurance premium of formulary pay society, overtime to work overtime... because different level land is existing to violate act of labor law compasses, this city has 8 enterprises to be worked to mix by city today exposure of social security bureau, carry out compulsively what 6 domestic general are faced with a court among them. This is this year this city has exposure to infringing the company of labor law compasses first.

This year in May, town work is censorial detachment is in execute the law in the examination, discover limited company of handicraft of Qingdao Hao day, Qingdao Tong Huili is smooth limited company of furniture of benefit of Yuan Sheng of north of candle products limited company, Qingdao, Qingdao becomes clothing limited company, Qingdao by force to carrying plastic bag, different level land is existing to enrol do not sign labor contract with laborer, not pay society insurance, overtime works an extra shift wait for illegal behavior, instruct its deadline to correct lawfully instantly. But above enterprise was not corrected according to the requirement break the law violate compasses act, serious enroach on legitimate rights and interests of the worker. For this, town work and social security bureau will are opposite lawfully court of 6 companies application carries out above compulsively.

Additional, qingdao sea continent La Gaomu of industrial limited company, general (Qingdao) refus of commodity limited company does not accept the investigation with censorial labor to enquire, branch of town work safeguard will be strict according to " labor ensures censorial byelaw " relevant provision undertakes condemnatory to its.

Close right increase to safeguard laborer, city works and social security bureau was begun in whole town organization this year " authority of labor safeguard dimension and your person of the same trade " activity. Pass an inspection, instruct contract of labor of filling autograph of unit of choose and employ persons 141301 people, filling capture society is safe 149472 people, qing Dynasty owes social insurance premium one hundred and six million seven hundred and ninety thousand yuan, recover work reward forty-seven million five hundred and sixteen thousand yuan.

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