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Handler by " flicker " accuse a form of address formally used by an employee to
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On November 13, 2006, jiangxi province labor is arbitral committee with respect to Sichuan profession handler and Jiangxi the share of 5 continent group and labor dispute give a ruling: 5 continent group helps the salary that pays handler, remove the contract compensates cost of gold, endowment insurance to wait for more than 20000 yuan, the request of money paid for shares is solved through forensic order.

Actually, professional handler Wang Zongliang and the labor dispute of 5 continent groups are caused by bilateral share issue. So, both between produced issue of what kind of share after all, the reporter undertook interviewing to relevant personnel.

● invites Wang Zongliang to become for many times " 5 continent " two companies general manager

Wang Zongliang, was born on May 6, 1969, person of city of Lai of Sichuan Chengdu Qiong. 1990, he takes an examination of Wuhan industry institute with outstanding achievement, major animal nutrition and feed treatment. After Wang Zongliang graduates, as handler of a profession, wuhan is in after Ceng Xian Pu Ruina company of big feed limited company, Nanjing, PIC China company (Shanghai) group of hill of be surrounded by mountains of Shandong dragon big group, power lake has held the position of a branch or the duty such as the manager of the enterprise, general manager. During this, it may be said of professional handler career is plain sailing.

In March 2005, wang Zongliang is recommended to undertake MBA groom to Chinese people university by the company that is in at that time. During grooming, wang Zongliang and Jiangxi Wang Gaocheng of handler of industrial limited company is 5 continent classmate. At that time, wang Gao is the vise general manager of department of trade of 5 continent group. Wang Gao understands Wang Zongliang handler to be done very well through asking, call for many times, force invites Wang Zongliang to work to 5 continent group.

According to Introduction Wang Zongliang, because he and the company that are in at that time signed a contract, if he leaves a company, 30 thousand yuan tuition and prize of 30 thousand yuan of year want to be deducted, so he rejected Wang Gao invite. A few times the phone invites after be being rejected, wanggao and president of 5 continent group come to be invited, all tuition that affirmatory Wang Zongliang leaves former company place to cause and year award loss all pays by 5 continent.

Wang Zongliang is moved by the sincerity place of 5 continent group, january 2006, he comes to Nanchang. 5 continent group is a joint ventures, be engaged in feed scientific research, treatment waiting. On January 28, classics both sides talks things over, wang Zongliang and lot of 5 continent group issued labor contract, take up the post of Jiangxi of enterprise of subordinate of 5 continent group formally 5 continent are industrial limited company (Gao An) with Jiangxi limited company of 5 continent feed (east countryside) general manager.

● labor contract is signed " 5 continent " 1.36 million yuan of money paid for shares of two companies
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