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Kendeji the caution of litigant case
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After the service sends be born China a few years, because domestic service sends tripartite to know an error to what wrap outside HR, and the service that produces from this sends those who be in China to change flavour, kendeji litigant case, can be the dispute sample that domestic service sends only.

"How do I work in Kendeji all the time, did instead become a Beijing times bridge that don't I know even the address does work work refer the employee that serves limited company? Do these explain to us without the person when signing a contract at that time? " Xu Yan case still feels interrogative up to now.

Although federation of trade unions of China whole nation is high-key,Kendeji is in assail labor uses the presence on labour " double standard " , although the press of countrywide each district is in " condemn " Kendeji while " support " peasant industry record accuses Kendeji... however, these fail to alter a frosty legal fact: On June 12 8 when 30 minutes, beijing east court of people of the city zone announces Xu delays case to lose a lawsuit!

The service sends Kendeji contend for

On October 11, 2005, xu delays case by Kendeji with " disobey the operating rules that choose goods " for repulsive. The economy that Xu Yan case asks the company pays the job 11 years for him compensates gold, ask the company supplies capture his labour insurance, kendeji the company does not grant pay attention to.

"You are not Kendeji's employee, why should Kendeji compensate for you? " the explanation that Kendeji gives out more let Xu Yan case feel muddleheaded. 1994, xu delays case to Beijing Kendeji limited company works, do storage, carry the manual work such as goods. Arrive to be dismissed all the time before, the workplace of Xu Yan case had not left Kendeji icebox.

In June 2004, stick on the wall of ministry of company human affairs go out to inform first so, work of work of Beijing times bridge seeks advice from service limited company to will be employee generation to send salary, will be the insurance on employee, need employee and this company sign labor contract, the personnel company that does not sign a contract will give repulsive.

The Xu that refuses by compensation delays case to be complained to Beijing labor bureau. The answer of labor bureau is, only Kendeji is put in certain work to concern between company and him, ability is fulfilled reissue the responsibility of salary. And the company does not admit Kendeji to delay labor of case existence fact to concern with Xu, calling Xu Yan case is " accuse a fault object " . Kendeji the company thinks, xu Yan case is only with " times bridge company " the identity of employee, suffer this company to send the service employee that to Kendeji the company works, and Kendeji company to " times bridge company " paid fixed fee, tripartite formed a service actually to send a relation. As Xu Yan case is dismissed, this kind of service sends relation end.

Up to now, people drops attention point to labor law, think Kendeji got the chance of Chinese law. The issue that if come from the angle of the bag outside professional HR,examines this, with respect to meeting discovery, lack specializations the service of the operation is sent, bury for this dispute issued kindling material.
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