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The laborer that denounce firewood tears open the arbitration appoint fascia
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"I should export gas namely! All sequential myself will assume. " eve in the morning, zhang Baining of 39 years old arbitrates because of malcontent labor branch and court reject his to denounce firewood to appeal to beg, under one anger, tear open dispute of Shenzhen town labor the fascia of arbitral committee, pedestrian a many hour brings back fascia the home. Overnight, when the reporter sees Zhang Baining, he still appears very excited.

Be about to get back when monthly wages and cash pledge

Zhang Baining comes from Gansu Province to celebrate this world, deep Wu labour comes 4 years ago. In November 2003, he enters Shenzhen town with the electric welder's identity limited company of hundred industrial development. As a result of working property reason, he often must work overtime crouch on the ground to solder, sufferred from lumbar protrusion of the intervertebral disc to later. After classics cure, in September 2004, zhang Baining offerred resignation to the company, ask the salary that month returns settle cash pledge. Zhang Baining says, handing over abdication postscript, company postpone again and again, avoid meeting, but under, he is forced to go to Shenzhen working to be visited with letter of social security bureau do appeal for help, and the letter is visited do to suggest he arbitrates to blessing cropland area appoint application is arbitral, and blessing cropland area is arbitral appoint criterion with Zhang Baining " fail to provide significant evidence labor of proof and existence of person be appealinged to concerns " for do not grant to accept.

Zhang Baining says, the evidence that oneself provide at that time includes to imprint the employee's card that has hundred company name and payroll, blessing cropland area is arbitral appoint the official seal that has hundred company was not built on the evidence that thinks he is offerred, because this does not grant to approbate, and the employee's card that Zhang Baining takes out him, turn over the reverse side, there is the official seal of hundred company however above. Then, zhang Baining finds blessing cropland court, requirement court undertakes adjudication, the court suggests his go ahead of the rest undertakes arbitrating intercessory to labor department, zhang Baining is obliged to ensure bureau letter to visit to Shenzhen town work again do appeal for help, ask Shenzhen city is arbitral appoint undertake the arbitration to his circumstance, but do not have echo all the time.

Went one year, on January 18, 2006, zhang Baining arbitrates to blessing cropland area again appoint application is arbitral, and the adjudication that latter makes still is not to grant to accept.

Final, zhang Baining tells hundred industrial company the court through blessing cropland court, but the arbitral effectiveness for a given period of time that the court asks to exceed law 60 days when limit with his lawsuit, rejected Zhang Baining's lawsuit to request. Zhang Baining refuses to obey, continue to appeal, and court of Shenzhen city intermediate people passes cognizance, will enter a judgement on December 1, with same argument, reject Zhang Baining's request.
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