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Labor department reminds: Award is not end of the year " mess "
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Be worth year old of end, because the end of the year finds new job, the contract expires those who wait for a reason to cause end of the year award controversy, became a disharmonious note on field of near future duty. End of the year in the light of partial laborer award extends on occurrence doubt, labor ensures a branch to make authoritative explanation: Award is economic benefits of union of unit of choose and employ persons end of the year, in the past to employee the place in a year makes a kind of commend and award of contribution, is not one person " mess " .

In labor safeguard branch was given out a few days ago " award cannot regard as end of the year ' award keeping a person ' " after reminding, come day after day, the safeguard of each district labor such as Shanghai serves a hot line to receive the incoming telegram of unit of many laborer, choose and employ persons to enquire. Before   concerns a section, remind before long: "Award belongs to the category of legal work reward end of the year, not be unit of choose and employ persons only ' keep a person ' method. The basis sets related labor law, salary allocation should follow principle of distribution according to work, execute equal pay for equal work. Unit of choose and employ persons with ' be absent book ' or be about to ' find new job ' for refus is sent end of the year award, it is the behavior of tort. It is the behavior of tort..

The circumstance that mastered recently about the branch makes clear, partial laborer appeared to afore-mentioned explanations a few misunderstanding. One worked in food company half an year, current already " be absent book " employee thinks, since " equal pay for equal work " , ever took 5000 yuan one year in the colleague of same post, oneself take 2500 yuan with respect to this. In fact, this employee did not participate in the great marketing of second half of the year, the outstanding achievement first half of the year is poorer also. Still have an inadvertently job, for many times " find new job " laborer, because be in last year " find new job " two, begged to 3 units recently end of the year award.

To this, concerned expert reminds say, "Equal pay for equal work " the meaning that includes two fields: It is " equal pay for equal work " be not is with on guard employee photograph is compared, even if is the colleague in same post, award appears completely possibly also end of the year difference; 2 it is end of the year award and state of be out on duty perhaps work time does not have direct correlation, basically is to be based on outstanding achievement and contribution.

How to extend end of the year award, the expert points out, on one hand, go to be in the stuff that contribution has made in year, whether leave post no matter or will " find new job " , unit of choose and employ persons cannot evasive, protracted, embezzle part of what should be issued extends; On the other hand, to contributive worker was not being made during on guard, end of the year award also is not everybody has a share, those who do equalitarianism " mess " . How to judge " whether to make contribution " standard, ought to decide honestly, to already leaving hillock worker end of the year award, can pass with still " in book " with station staff photograph analogy decides annual deserveds bonus number, extend according to convert of its working hours next end of the year award.
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