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Does worker refus sign labor contract to be dismissed?
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Sign labor contract to be able to ensure the worker's rights and interests effectively, however the worker Yu Mou of one production company weighed the city zone austral Dongguan city however recently, because reject to sign labor contract with the company, be dismissed by the company finally.

Worker: Still 4 people are dismissed accordingly

Worker Yu Mou says, the company that its are in is in the portion began in September 2005 to employee consult opinion, requirement employee follows labor contract is signed in the factory. Yu Mou says, a few clauses on the contract let them feel malcontent however. "Did not make clear legal holiday, holiday works overtime, salary is at ordinary times 1.5 times the left and right sides, most those who let old stuff understand hard is, worked more than 10 years before us, do not have body to come out now however on the contract. " because be a batch of of the delegate old stuff to ask the company is right with Yu Mou,length of service undertakes compensating, and the company does not agree, make sign a contract to cannot undertake.

Yu Mou says, november 2005, company with " will nearly one year work overall performance is not good, endless on manufacturing management duty " for, his demote, was dismissed by the factory in July 2006. "There still are 50 people to be dismissed accordingly probably in the factory. " 2006, because reject to sign labor contract to be dismissed,this company still has 4 people.

Factory: What do not sign is individual old employee

A controller that surnames abundant tells this factory the reporter, "At present the 2500 many workers in the factory had signed a contract, what do not sign is extremely individual old employee only just. " a controller with anxious surname points out ministry of this plant occurrences in human life, both sides cannot sign labor contract smoothly, depend on the length of service before a little old stuff hopes to affirm them, ask the factory offers corresponding economy compensation to this. "We confirm the work before them in formal contract year several, when the length of service them enters a plant from them, also calculate case, but they hope the factory buys outright length of service, the factory is not done however. The factory is not done however..

Labor department: Can lengthen an autograph to restrict time

The worker did not sign labor contract, does year of number work before whether count length of service? Labor of bureau of Dongguan town work is censorial division chief says, if be versed in person and this works are consisting in fact labor concerns, so the job before labor contract is signed year number still also can be counted his length of service. If a certain worker is successive,work 10 years in a factory, so from eleventh year begin, he can sign permanent contract with the factory, if the worker does not want, also can be passed and the factory talks things over, lengthen an autograph to restrict time, sign the labor contract of certain period.
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