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Nearly 3 be sure without any societies into small company
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Jiangsu of national statistic bureau investigated total fleet to announced what be versed in to saving 1476 dimensions completely estate company grows a case below to monitor a result to show yesterday, different level land joined the company that has 71.5% at present social security, but the company that still has 28.5% did not attend any social insurance to the worker, and among them the scale that the worker attends birth insurance has 12% only.

According to introducing, be shared this by investigation enterprise from personnel of course of study 30 thousand much person, the worker ginseng that attends basic provide for the aged, medical treatment, unemployed, inductrial injury, birth insurance is protected rate all be not worth 30% , although all rise somewhat than last year, but still be in inferior level. Investigate discovery, the company that ginseng of Su Na area protects covers a range highest, for 78.2% , su Zhong, North Jiangsu is respectively 74.3% with 50.8% . Register a type to look from the enterprise, hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and ginseng of foreign capital enterprise are protected cover a range highest, for 86.7% , private enterprise lowest, for 70% .

Jiangsu investigates total fleet to monitor department chief analysis, affect me to save ginseng of small company worker to protect what the level rises to have 3 main factors: The basic knowledge that is the law with safe to concerning a society owner, code and social insurance lacks understanding, the owner of 66.3% understands just a little only, of 3.5% understand far from; 2 it is fluidity of small company worker big, working relationship is not stable, disadvantageous ginseng is protected, its self-identity rate is 79.9% ; 3 it is the social insurance cost that the enterprise bears the proportion that holds total wages is higher, small company " capital shortage, do not have ability burden " occupy 48.9% .

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