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Prevent a worker to find new job award divides second hair end of the year affir
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"To find new job after section of beware of employee, the leader of our unit decides actually, end of the year award divides 3, divide a period of time to extend. Last should pull next year ' 51 ' the section just is sent! " yesterday, miss Li that goes to work in Chinese mouth complains to the reporter say, do not know what to code can be treated now control a company this one " the act that do not have fine " . The worker complains: End of the year award into " year win a prize in a lottery "

Miss Li is building a highway an enterprise becomes a clerk. Of its company award distributes plan to be end of the year: One is sent before the Spring Festival; Will send March; Last get " 51 " the section is gotten. Be called stealthily by employee " year win a prize in a lottery " .

This company controller says, award is the additional award besides salary originally end of the year, company such arrangement is solid also belong to act against one's will. Basically be for test the faithfulness of employee is spent, avoid employee to be taken award finds new job with respect to do sth without authorization end of the year.

The reporter in interviewing understands, this kind of hair relying on evening end of the year award " keep a person " the company is not little still. Mr Lin that in Han Yang one company works also says, of their unit award extends end of the year time already was delayed to this year April. Employee dares to go ahead of schedule person, thousands of yuan of money immediately bubble soup. Labor department: Such " keep a person " illegimate

Most worker thinks, award also is worker labor income end of the year, "End of the year if award is absent to be sent end of the year, honest some are unreasonable " .

To this, place of salary of province labor office expresses about chief, award is the one-time award that performance of industry of the member that the economic benefits of annual mixed unit basis last year extends commonly end of the year. In national labor code, right award extends end of the year time, amount, means all did not make clear a regulation, can talk things over by enterprise and employee only, it is with the agreement in labor contract accurate.

Nevertheless, this controller expresses at the same time, if the unit has,award extends end of the year, and employee gave normal work one year really in the past, although employee resigns before award extends end of the year this year, the enterprise still cannot be done " the person goes award to not have " , otherwise, the worker can mention to labor department arbitral.

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