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Labor dispute legislation still has many from real need far
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Was called to work by public opinion bound 2007 legislative year, " labor contract law " , " labor dispute handles a way " , " obtain employment promotes a doctrine " , " social insurance law " wait for the field of vision that will enter people with various means. Among them, " labor dispute handles a way " because of its " stand way " position times get attention, the reason is adjusting the fundamental sex function in working relationship at it already, depend on be being deepened further as reform of economic system of our country market again, the diversity that labor concerns, complication.

The justice that be late is not justice

Bus annulus hill circles water, slow before row. Heibei north is here a mountainous area, the film " pine mountain " the hair virgin soil of the story and true condition film the ground. The hill color of deep winter season cools lonesome. Had turned a foot of a hill, an open ground appeared before, a workshop stands tall and upright meantime. This is the iron ore factory that Lin Xinqiu once had worked. But he present had lain on the sickbed of county people hospital half an year became much, complexion is cadaverous, expression is depressed. Did not nurse, without cure, of course, for the word that uses him himself, also did not hope...

Lin Xinqiu of 40 years old once very hale. So, by May 2006, although compare trouble,chose when he comes to here from native place Hubei, but earn money however collier of more iron ore factory works. But the changed him thoroughly accidentally life June 2006. Go up when the well, together from wellhead fallen stone, hit him what had climbed a half pit bottom heavily, left leg right hand disables badly. And mine advocate disappeared after sending him into local hospital sign. From this, he began himself to see the way that the thought that is less than an end fors the time being up to now.

Xie Liqing of solicitor of office of Beijing La Peng's attorney describes the dimension authority process that Lin Xinqiu will experience so: Application inductrial injury is maintained, have labor ability identification, final ability is claim for compensation of inductrial injury salary. Of course, the thing is not plain in that way like what we envisage. For instance inductrial injury is maintained include to maintain inductrial injury, administration to reconsider, 3 link such as administrative lawsuit, claim for compensation of inductrial injury salary is experienced likely also " cut two careful into parts " process. If take all courses, say less to also want 3 years to influence time, during if which link was lengthened, the time that the case hears will be longer. Foliaceous lawyer emphasizes saying, because Lin Xinqiu did not sign labor contract with iron ore, should apply for the arbitration to affirm first with iron ore factual labor concerns, this needs to pass likewise " cut two careful into parts " process, need time 1 year. Foliaceous lawyer thinks, to Lin Xinqiu, the most important now is to get cure as soon as possible, restore healthy, new obtain employment. Accordingly, 3 years of time to him will be a too lengthy process, and he does not have time and energy and economic condition to await it apparently. On this meaning, of justice be late and make such laborer lost Lin Xinqiu far away due confidence. The malpractice of system of processing of active labor dispute exposes in such case without involuntary discharge of urine: The process is lengthy, efficiency is low. This also means active labor dispute to handle system the real need that relationship of the working below economy of already incommensurate market adjusts, change urgently.
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