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Company worker changes since endowment insurance system
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Recently, city of a fabled abode of immortals undertakes reform to system of company worker endowment insurance, adjust business pay cost and pay cost base to wait. Since January 1, 2007, join company worker the enterprise of primary endowment insurance, scale of unit pay fee is unified adjust for 20 % , worker individual capture expends scale to be 8 % . Worker individual expends base for capture with income of him monthly wages, among them under on year visits on guard worker completely of the 60 % of average wage, it is base pay cost by 60 % , prep above spends worker of complete province on guard first half of the year average wage the part of 300 % above not plan base of wage of the cost that enter capture; Town is individual and industrial and commercial door with personnel of flexible obtain employment the scale of primary endowment insurance united pay 2007 for 20 % , 2007, base of cost of 2008 year pay is pressed respectively not under on year visits on guard worker completely the 80 % of average wage, 90 % are decided by the individual, since 2009, unified above year visits on guard worker completely average wage is expended for base pay.

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