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Labor contract is legislative " carry fast " voice is loud
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Compose builds socialistic harmony society, harmonious working relationship is a foundation. But in the life, peasant worker pay is defaulted, worker overtime works an extra shift become normal, safe production not to have safeguard, produce inductrial injury not to have insurance... come day after day, consensus forms in discuss on behalf of committee members: A variety of worker rights and interests cannot get the main reason of safeguard, but end is plan of labor law law to be perfected very much, labor is censorial did not reach the designated position. Urgent affairs is from normative working relationship job of this one foundation is made, labor contract legislation wants " carry fast " .

Cross half enterprise to did not sign labor contract

"Have quite when industry employment worker of the amount, do not sign labor contract with the worker, be less than registration book of governmental work department, and fire a worker at will. " committee member of promising of severe of former secretary of municipal Party committee of Shenzhen of the Communist Party of China thinks, "Black worker worker " the main reason that the phenomenon exists generally is the management that the government signs to labor contract is less than, caused worker rights and interests to cannot get safeguard thereby.

Severe committee member still expresses, current, no matter inside, foreign capital enterprise, worker overtime works an extra shift to had become a kind of normal state, a day of labor ten hours be accustomed to sth, and do not pay overtime. "These problems should be in what agree beforehand originally in labor contract, because did not sign labor contract, the worker does not have even the basis that engage in a lawsuit. The worker does not have even the basis that engage in a lawsuit..

Working relationship bond is changed, it is the basic characteristic that the relation works below market economy condition. Be in our country, although push labor contract,signed effort keeps all the time pace, but be apart from labor to concern complete bond is changed still have quite distance.

According to statistic of federation of trade unions of China whole nation, up to by 2005, the whole nation already built union company and worker to sign 654 thousand of labor contract, occupy 38.0% what already built union company number; The autograph briefs a worker fifty-seven million seven hundred and forteen thousand person, occupy 48.6% what already built number of union company worker, the autograph makes an appointment with a farmer to be versed in 9.108 million person, occupy 39.5% what already built number of work of union company peasant.

The industry labor contract that builds labor organization signs rate even to cannot pass half, the labor contract that did not build labour union business signs a circumstance how to can be imagined.

The contract is non-standard laborer apiration is difficult reflect

"Labor contract just is not signed rate is not high, not quite normative still. " Xiao Zhenbang of secretary of department of completely total former secretary's committee member points out not without anxious ground, labor contract makes text version by enterprise one-sided, the phenomenon of affirmatory contract deadline is very common, many labor contract content still are put in illegal phenomenon, most typical is " contract of life and death " , "Such labor contract can reflect laborer desire far from, more do not talk to go up protective worker rights and interests " .
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