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"What the infant before Beijing will start town to reach school age in school student this year and town attend medical treatment to be sure without safeguard old people is pilot, solve stage by stage ' one old one small ' medical treatment guarantees an issue. " this is a reporter allot from bureau of Beijing labor social security " target of job of Beijing labor social security was mixed 2007 measure " in of know.

Beijing cure protects central vice director model appearance changes say, the infant before at present Beijing still has 300 to reach school age in school student more and town are in medical treatment without safeguard old people besides insurance limits, their see a doctor the heat that problem of go to a doctor becomes a citizen to pay close attention to, inside the limits that because this wants,brings into this part person to medical treatment insurance as soon as possible. At present this job has entered pilot phase, will announce before the end of the year carry out.

The reporter understands, the medical treatment that does not have safeguard old people in the infant before school student and school age and town is sure to will take an individual or domestic form is handed in, social security place will consolidate management draw money of this share capital, basically involve outpatient service charge and a serious illness to plan as a whole two, support to paying the will offer fixed rate without safeguard old people fund of cure insurance cost feebly or bring into limits of medical treatment deliverance.

In recent years, this city had multinomial reform measure in respect of medical treatment insurance, built enterprise retiree to integrate system of insurance of compensatory medical treatment last year especially, submit an expense account for 1.37 million person-time medical treatment expends 380 million yuan, at present choice socialization submits an expense account the retiree that medical treatment expends reachs 1 million person, occupy the 65 % that live in gross of this city retiree.

Social security " 5 danger " enclothe rate general to promote 1 %

This city provide for the aged, medical treatment, unemployed, inductrial injury enclothes a face to want to grow above of a percent respectively on the foundation last year with birth insurance this year, the 93 % that enclothe a face to achieve a system to cover range respectively, 92.6 % , 92.6 % , 86.7 % and 86.7 % .

As we have learned, end by 2006, this city basic provide for the aged, primary medical treatment and unemployed insurance ginseng protect a number to achieve 6.041 million person, 6.795 million support of the people respectively 4.823 million person, finished enclothe lead the target that raises a percent respectively, inductrial injury and birth insurance ginseng protect a number to achieve 4.653 million support of the people respectively 2.633 million person, enclothe rate compare respectively on year rise to be mixed 4.2 times 3.8 percent. Gross income of fund of 5 societies insurance 47.6 billion yuan, add compared to the same period receive 8.6 billion yuan, grow 22 % .
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