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Postdoctoral canal of human affairs ministry, whole nation appoint meeting print
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Fulfil to carry out " long-term science and technology develop program outline in the country " and " postdoctoral job " 915 " program " , be strengthened further and normative postdoctoral managing the job, recently, postdoctoral canal of human affairs ministry, whole nation appoint meeting print and distribute new castigatory " postdoctoral management job sets " . This regulation is carried out since January 1, 2007, abolish to was carried out on Feburary 1, 2002 at the same time " postdoctoral management job sets " . " set " to postdoctoral administration, of station of flow of postdoctoral scientific research and workstation establish, of postdoctoral researcher recruit, management and relevant matters concerned made comprehensive provision. " regulation " point out, the unit that set a station should face a society to recruit postdoctoral personnel publicly, level of the scientific research ability that wants pair of applicant, learning and achievement of acquired scientific research undertake strict examine and verify, use assessment, exam, rejoin etc the form is preferred recruit. Workstation should be recruited jointly with station of going from place to place, the member that train postdoctoral person, actual strength of learning, technology is strong, have the workstation that develops postdoctoral personnel ability independently, via human affairs ministry approval of postdoctoral management department can recruit postdoctoral personnel alone. " regulation " point out, each set station unit to should be built standing the assessment quota system of postdoctoral personnel, and postdoctoral personnel pull in is recruited, metaphase assessment and system of assessment giving a station. Postdoctoral personnel is standing working hours is two years, do not exceed 3 years commonly, pursue postdoctoral research the job is the chiefest do not exceed 6 years. Assess qualified postdoctoral personnel to giving a station, by human affairs ministry and whole nation postdoctoral management committee issues postdoctoral letter. " regulation " emphasize, the scientific spirit that postdoctoral personnel should hold to be practical and realistic and rigorous the manner of pursue one's studies that be realistic, strengthen academic morality self-discipline, fight the blundering and coxcombical way of learned practise fraud, boycott academic corruption and beguiling behavior stoutly. Strengthen the education that protects legal consciousness to postdoctoral personnel intellectual property. The personnel after each set station unit to should be a doctor builds esteem the democracy of individual character, learning, comfortable harmony that encourages innovation of exploration, support, concessional failure environment, form the mechanism that is helpful for outstanding youth talent showing itself.

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