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[Qinghai] " person Cai Xingwen " the project trains culture able person
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From art of culture ministry directly under courtyard group introduces the high administrative levels that knows government of artistic, meeting the talent holds the position of a province straight theater a party to an undertaking, this is saved in Qinghai still is first time. 2006, hall of Qinghai province culture is advanced in the round " person Cai Xingwen " project, hold two or more posts concurrently only with high administrative levels and basic level culture talent education attachs most importance to a dot, strengthen talent of of all kinds culture to foster, effectively accelerated the construction that visits culture talent team completely. Annual grooms talent of of all kinds culture 1201 person-time, emerge in large numbers gave a batch to have deep love for rural culture, guide masses to rely on culture skill craft to add stop the culture able person that become rich.
To deepen Qinghai to save culture system of organization further reform works, in provincial Party committee of culture ministry, Qinghai and province government support energetically below, qinghai province invites Chinese Oriental chorus to achieve make up Liu Jiang of central vice director to hold the position of Qinghai to save dean of theater of ethical song and dance. This saved artistic creation and show to bring new concept, new change to this. In culture ministry and Qinghai province talent the job leads the support of the group to fall, they return select much name to make up outside achieving personnel of personnel, library major technology, administrator to go to a province, accept groom.
Qinghai saves the key that culture branch still works the talent to turn to basic level, education holds two or more posts concurrently only culture talent. Last year, developed personnel of technology of personnel of 102 culture market control and check personnel and 80 libraries major. Through striving for capital actively, wait with art of song and dance of picture of paper-cut, inwrought, farmer, folk, hot Gong Yi for main content, open completely peasant family of playwright-director of troupe of amateur of farming and stockbreeding areas of craft of skill of culture of province farming herdsman, complete province, complete province is garden operator, whole agent of craft of skill of culture of province farming herdsman 22 period groom class.

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