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[Xinjiang] reform of system of institution human affairs goes well
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Since reform of system of institution human affairs was started 2004, the various and of all kinds institution that Xinjiang implements reform is amounted to 5600 many, occupy whole area about 1/3 of institution gross, gross of reform unit worker 19. 60 thousand person, system of institution human affairs reforms whole area the job goes well. This is a reporter from the The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region system of institution human affairs reforms the understanding on working informal discussion to arrive on January 27 morning.

Come two many years, xinjiang spend in order to reform assignment system of income of wage of system of choose and employ persons, reform, build did not hire personnel billabong to find a place for system and the system of institution human affairs that build perfect ways of the world to macroscopical managing and supervise a system to be main task are reformed, according to " first area class unit, hind ground city unit " measure spreads out in the round. Reform policy is progressively and perfect; Complete member the system that recruit is advanced steadily, class unit built major area basically to recruit make, the contract that recruit is signed inside certain limits, achieved contract administration; System of exam of public invite applications for a job is initial build, various institution increases staff newly uniform " every is entered take an examination of surely " , since system of exam of invite applications for a job is carried out, the institution publishs whole area invite applications for a job hires staff newly 3. 30 thousand person, those who promoted of all kinds talent optimize configuration and reasonable flow; Income assignment system spends reform to be carried out in the round; Did not hire personnel billabong to find a place for the system is fulfilled stage by stage, the municipality made interior technically need post, ahead of schedule emeritus, disease is retreated, abdication accord with the special policy with my real division, find a place for did not hire staff, laid good foundation to continue to deepen reform next.

According to introducing, xinjiang establishs the focal point institution post to install administrative system this year, institution post cent is management post, professional technology post and labour are diligent 3 sort fasten skill post. The institution will undertake according to the principle of scientific and reasonable, compact efficiency post is installed, insist to press need to set post, contest hires mount guard, recruit by hillock, contract management. Any personnel mount guard must accord with the requirement of post postulate. Whole area the institution spreads out synchronism post to install plan to examine and approve, the personnel contract that recruit is maintained wait for the job, implementation institution choose and employ persons is managed by the identity transfer smoothly to contract choose and employ persons to station management, fixed choose and employ persons, by June before finish whole area basically institution post setting works into course.
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